Rumor: Will Nexon Make EA Fire EA?

Here comes the “pink slip express” with Trump spinners saying “you’re fired”. But a Korean woman, Juri, whispers like a mob boss, “I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse”… EA: Hey, I’m a married man! I’m not falling for that like the Secret Service… JURI: I want EA like I want DLC… EA: How high do I have to jump again, Nexon? True Story.

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majiebeast2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

If Nexon does buy ea i hope bioware buy themselves out before it happens, otherwise incoming chibi mass effect mmo with 90's gfx and pay to win combat.

Even ea doesnt deserve this they brought alot of new ip's to the table, but then they fill em with dlc if they quit that maybe they wouldnt be the most hated gaming company together with actirehash.

zeal0us2248d ago

That would be the mass effect mmo I would hate to see.

EA won't let themselves be brought by Nexon.
Nexon should go after some other companies, Aeria would be a good one.

dcbronco2248d ago

It's not like they could stop it. They are publicly traded. The stockholders will take an offer if it is high enough. Nexon could buy all of the available stock and become the biggest holder and force the issue from the inside. This is what poor management does to public companies. EA isn't really the worse company in the world. But they have weakened themselves by being greed and now have to suffer for it.

NYC_Gamer2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

EA couldn't stop Nexon or any other company from buying up the shares....EA=public not private....That's why Valve is private for that very soon because there can be no hostile takeover..

GamingPerson2248d ago

You know free 2 play games are serious business when you can buy EA. wow.

raytraceme2248d ago

F* nexon. They are worse than activision when it comes to shooters and f2p games are way too overpriced if you want to have fun or have ocd. I hope google can come in and take ea into their hands.

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luoshuigui2248d ago

a Korean/Japanese company merge with EA? Very nice, so everything wrong with video game developing will be put together for us it's easier to dodge.

FinalomegaS2248d ago


Still have a dam ticket pending to be answered by their admin, 3 months now...

MOFOs going to burn. Ea better not fall for their BS.