IGN: Sorcery Oozes Charm

IGN: Every year for the past decade or so, my heart has been broken by a terrible new Harry Potter game (except for Lego Harry Potter, which went some way towards mending it before Deathly Hallows Part 1 shattered it again). The Potter books are such a universal touchstone for anybody under the age of 25 that it's frankly baffling that nobody has tried to take advantage of our nostalgia with a half-decent video game involving wands. People under 25 tend to play a lot of videogames, after all.

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Abash2056d ago

If Sorcery is awesome, I will buy a Move

NukaCola2056d ago

From the sounds of it, Sorcery is coming along very nicely. I am curious of the outcome. I hope to more of it soon and get a good perception of it's final form.

GamerSciz2056d ago

I hope there will be a demo. I have the MOVE and really want some games to use it on. I mean, Killzone 3 was cool and Tiger Woods was fun but some sort of non-shooter action game...Sorcery sounds perfect.

raytraceme2056d ago

Gamerschiz infamous 2 has full move support check it out!

SuperBeast8112056d ago

they should have made the "move" optional and it would sell more

cpayne932056d ago

You have to have move only games or nobody will feel the need to buy the move. Some people may buy a move just for this game, but wouldn't if you could use the ds3.

SuperBeast8112055d ago

true I understand why they did it but I would just rather use the good ol DS3 but thats just my taste lol

Sevir2056d ago

:-) its good to know that its almost here! I hope it gets a sequel and that people actually go out and get this game. The move has sold over 10 million so if only 1% of its owners buy this game it's more than a success! I'll be there Day one for this

CaptainSheep2056d ago

May 22nd...

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