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IGN: Sorcery Oozes Charm

IGN: Every year for the past decade or so, my heart has been broken by a terrible new Harry Potter game (except for Lego Harry Potter, which went some way towards mending it before Deathly Hallows Part 1 shattered it again). The Potter books are such a universal touchstone for anybody under the age of 25 that it's frankly baffling that nobody has tried to take advantage of our nostalgia with a half-decent video game involving wands. People under 25 tend to play a lot of videogames, after all. (PS3, Sorcery)

Abash  +   974d ago
If Sorcery is awesome, I will buy a Move
NukaCola  +   974d ago
From the sounds of it, Sorcery is coming along very nicely. I am curious of the outcome. I hope to more of it soon and get a good perception of it's final form.
GamerSciz  +   974d ago
I hope there will be a demo. I have the MOVE and really want some games to use it on. I mean, Killzone 3 was cool and Tiger Woods was fun but some sort of non-shooter action game...Sorcery sounds perfect.
raytraceme  +   974d ago
Gamerschiz infamous 2 has full move support check it out!
SuperBeast811  +   974d ago
they should have made the "move" optional and it would sell more
cpayne93  +   974d ago
You have to have move only games or nobody will feel the need to buy the move. Some people may buy a move just for this game, but wouldn't if you could use the ds3.
SuperBeast811  +   974d ago
true I understand why they did it but I would just rather use the good ol DS3 but thats just my taste lol
Sevir  +   974d ago
Honestly I've been waiting for this game for the longest
:-) its good to know that its almost here! I hope it gets a sequel and that people actually go out and get this game. The move has sold over 10 million so if only 1% of its owners buy this game it's more than a success! I'll be there Day one for this
CaptainSheep  +   974d ago
May 22nd...
Captain Tuttle  +   974d ago
looks like Fable
Cryptcuzz  +   974d ago
I have been interested in this game ever since they showed an earlier demo of it. Back then it was with a slightly different art direction and a shorter main character. I hope this sells well so we can get more dev support from both 1st and 3rd party.
OllieBoy  +   974d ago
I got a great deal on a Move bundle, now I'm ready for this and Datura next month!

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