Microsoft Offering the Xbox 250GB for $50 off

The Microsoft store is offering $50 off the Xbox 360 250GB Console and some handy discounts on the G155.

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killerhog2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

sorry, going to use that $50 and an additional $10 for playstation royale. sorry ms. i usually go to MS articles to see if they finally made that killer game to snatch me but seems imma stick to playstation a bit longer. sony just has the software. ms has the price but not the software i want.

though there are a few games i want to play that are 360 exclusive, but are old, and new games/ips are scarce on the 360.

GribbleGrunger2217d ago

it depends on how you look at it. the 360 has stacks of Kinect games to play

ISKREEM2217d ago

As someone who doesn't already own a 360, why do you need "new" games when there's nearly 7 years worth of a backlog?

Siren302217d ago

Since microsoft isn't offering anything you want then stay out of the articles and spend some time playing all these games you seem to like on the ps3.

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