Unlock Levels for Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Survival List

There is tons of fans that love playing Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Survival mode. Blog 4 Modern Warfare 3 has written a guide on what levels you unlock what guns, attachments, killstreaks and perks. A good printable guide for COD MW3 Spec Op Survival lovers.

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infestedandy2155d ago

Lists are always a good thing. Well, usually.

OliverKO2155d ago

Great article, it'll definitely help out!

blinkingfast2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

sorry am i dreaming? nice comments by all the posters? That's good!! hope others can follow your lead!!

spec ops survival mode is cool but really wish you could have many perks at once and all the perks in the game. Not sure why they did not allow more then 1 perk and all perks. Guess they wanted it more training for online mode.
Be more fun if it had more perks killstreaks and such.

MrMister2155d ago

Still playing COD? -_- Why?