Stranglehold map pack live, pricey

Kotaku reports:Well the Stranglehold map pack announced last month is out on Xbox Live, with the PlayStation 3 version sure to follow shortly thereafter. As promised, it contains 10 new multiplayer maps, 21 new characters, and 10 new achievements for an additional 250 points to your gamerscore. All this for 1200 Microsoft points - $15 in real money - and I am currently trying to figure out if it's worth it. It pretty much works out to $1.50 a map, which doesn't sound like too much, but in one big chunk that costs a quarter of the game's retail price? I'm going to be struggling with this for days before I finally cave and put the money down. If I know I am going to buy it anyway, why wait you ask? It's all about the journey my friend. Thanks to Billkwando for the heads up!

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wageslave3991d ago

Kotaku is a blog.
Blogs are not news sites.

Yet, we see the usual N4G Sony fans finding whatever negatives about Xbox 360 they can, in this case, they turn a DLC pack into an attack on pricing policy.

Reported as wrong source.

Violater3991d ago

I have the solution
spamming it for the n-th time

InYourMom3991d ago

Yeah Violater all 2 maps.. and the fact that maybe 1 out of every 50 is worth a crap, free or not.

Appo3991d ago

Since when is Kotaku a sony fan putting negative news on for the 360? It'll probably be 15$ for the PS3, too.

InYourMom3991d ago

The game was barely decent and I say good luck with this crap and it's pricing this far after release. It will be priced the same on PSN and will flop just the same.

This article reminded me of the time the PS3 droids where going on and on about this game and how since it included the Hard Boiled movie it was going to sell a gajillion copies. Funny how it still flopped and got beat by the 360 version after months of delays.. I know that's off-topic but oh well.