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What's next for Street Fighter?

GameZone's David Sanchez writes: "How can Capcom make its famed fighting franchise feel fresh once more?" (PS3, Street Fighter x Tekken, Xbox 360)

Riggans42  +   1190d ago
At first I thought this article was serious... then I chuckled... and chuckled hard.
TheSanchezDavid  +   1190d ago
I've never been more serious in my entire life.
Riggans42  +   1190d ago
Ya know what, I believe you. And I think that's what makes it better.
crxss  +   1189d ago
@thesanchezdaid lol this guy's got a sense of humor
Lord_Sloth  +   1189d ago
Maybe by cutting back on the Roids and the stupid characters. More serious characters, please.

Sorry but I didn't care for the goofy and wacky feel of SF4's art direction. I liked the more dramatic look of the 1st trailer a lot but the game itself didn't have the same vibe.
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Deadpool616  +   1189d ago
The only serious new characters they included in SFIV were Able, C. Viper & Juri.
ScytheX3  +   1189d ago
lol the artwork (atleast in game) was all about steroids for both sexes, and toy story influence) fucking looked like some roided out woodys on tv -_-
TheSanchezDavid  +   1189d ago
They need to exaggerate it even more in the next game and make them all look like Marcus Fenix.
BlackBusterCritic  +   1189d ago
If this article were DLC, I'd buy it. =) Funny and sarcastic. I like it.
FinaLXiii  +   1189d ago
fighting games basicly have nothing much to inovate on.
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