God Of War: Ascension: Jaffe Reveals Ideas For Next Kratos Adventure

NowGamer: God of War creator David Jaffe shares his thoughts on where Kratos should go in PS3...

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Majin-vegeta2001d ago

*Regarding a co-op mode, Jaffe added: "That could be cool. I could see that working. I'd love to see player one be Kratos and player two be this stupid annoying sidekick that - for some to be determined story reason - Kratos is stuck with for the whole adventure and in the end, once the main quest is over, Kratos just snaps the poor kid's neck."

We need more Devs with a sense of humor like him xDD.

OT:Can't wait to see who we're gonna be ripping apart in this one.

belal2001d ago

Hahahaha that would be fucking epic!!!

MaxXAttaxX2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

I see co-op working if they feature his brother in a game with his own moveset and story.

Then we'd have Deimos and Kratos co-op.

KontryBoy7062001d ago

sounds like my wish for sonic and tails back in the day lol.

dredgewalker2000d ago

It would be funny to see an annoying sidekick have his neck snapped for once.

FriedGoat2000d ago

Unfortunately due to this being a prequel it will be before deimos :(

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majiebeast2001d ago

Just go back to santa monica Jaffe its where you made your best game.

Nac2001d ago

Damn it Jaffe, I would like you if you weren't so damn critical of story and the advancement of the interactive medium.

Nac2000d ago

Hey, for all those who disagree, watch his D.I.C.E. Speech.

mt2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

you know how I see co-op working in god of war.. Imagine with me 4 gods (4 players playing online) in a very big colosseum and infinite monsters coming from every side after big gates opened up. you the four gods have to stick together to stay alive. or you the four gods could fight together one giant titan imagine how epic would that be to do a 2 or 3 players combo on a titan to bring him down in mashing button mode. to sum that up god of war have this only chance to play co-op either online or local I don't see god of war story working as co-op. santa monica hire me I promise I'll deliver XD.

CaptainPunch2000d ago

That actually sounds pretty awesome.

dagreatest412001d ago

No disrespect to Jaffe but that's a pretty terrible idea. Especially the co-op idea. I'm glad he's not in charge of the series.

CaptainPunch2000d ago

You obviously have no sense of humor -_-

DarkBlood2000d ago

did he not invent the ip, watch your mouth sir :P

anyways what @feud said

KwietStorm2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

So you thought his joke about co-op was a terrible idea? Yea I do too. I'm sure Jaffe thinks it's terrible also. Do you see where I'm going with this? And you're glad the creator of the franchise is not in charge? lol I'm done.

dagreatest411994d ago

Yes, I'm glad the creator is not in charge. He hasn't put out a hit game since the original GoW.

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