Cryptic Studios Announces Security Breach, Warns Customers to Change Passwords

Cryptic Studios, developer and publisher of the online MMO games Star Trek Online and Champions Online have announced a security breach in their servers that may have compromised subscriber data including log in names and passwords.

In an email sent late last night the game studio has provided gamers who subscribe to and play their games with instructions on the steps to take to restore full access to their accounts, informing gamers that they have taken the cautionary step of changing log in passwords in light of the compromise.

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StanSmith1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

I've received this Email, but i never signed up to any of these games. I don't even own a PC powerful enough to play them. Strange.

camel_toad1916d ago

Ha yeh same here - Ive never played either of those games but got the email.

Drazz1916d ago

The link in the email, sends you to a fake site, do not click anything in that email. Delete ASAP! Just put your mouse over the link to see the fake site url.