gamrReview: Kinect Star Wars Review

"Since the inception of Star Wars, fans have pined for the chance to feel like they're wielding a lightsaber in real combat, using their skills with the powerful blade to cut down waves of enemies and duel powerful foes. Finally, after 35 years... we get to keep waiting. Kinect Star Wars will not give you the power of a Jedi Master, or even the lowly Padawan you play throughout the main campaign. Instead, you're left with a frustrating campaign topped with the garnish of a competent dance sim and a fun pod racer." -gamrReview

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Torillian2002d ago

Kinda sad that Nintendo doesn't license star wars and put the Skyward Sword guys to work on making an awesome light saber mechanic. I think they could definitely make it work.

naznatips2002d ago

At the very least they could have made it work quite a bit better than this.

Spectator12002d ago

Doesn't sound like that'd be hard to do tbh.