Battlefield 3: the state of play


Is BF3 now finally the game it should have been at launch? DICE discusses.

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bumnut2248d ago

Not sure, I played it for months, got bored, moved on.

Im a huge BF fan too (played everyone since 1942)for me BF3 is missing something the previous games had, but Im not sure what (if that makes sense)

s3arch2248d ago

I agree with you dude, BF3 is missing something and that is GAMEPLAY. We were promised destruction and epic war battles between two teams. Just like in CSS or any other FPS game BUT Dice and EA wanted the consumer to believe it was a COD beater and that BF will carry it's name from BFBC 1 and 2 etc (I'm just pointing out, they made more effort making BFBC2 than BF3)

The tanks on BF3 are weak and poorly moveable, we have only just got a horn on our smaller cars (woop woop)

When I play BFBC2 on my PC, it felt real and fantastic to play, now the problem I have with BF3 is I play it on X360 and it seems to me the 360 can not handle most of the graphics that the game is creating. I played it on my PC and it was better but still.

As consumers, we spend a lot of money of games and TBH I am at the end of my tether with EA ripping people off and then claiming, they are not the worst company in the USA. (Incorrect, they are in my opinion) For a company to realease a video game (with or without the content on the disc) and then CHARGE people for a small pathetic 80MB up, sickens me. I have over 60 games and 8 of them are EA. All of which I only play Fifa and Skate 3 (and BF3 but not any more)

What I am saying is, why can't these companies or MICROSOFT say NO to DLC. It is unfair on consumers to spend all their hard earned cash on something they want and then have to pay more to unlock some character skins or like Dirt3 (YOU can not complete it, unless you buy the DLC) This is PATHETIC.

If consoles go all digital, I think the industry will fail and it will go back to when only NERDS played games.

Hufandpuf2248d ago

What FPS is better than bf3 right now? The only competition this year is either COD or BF. people act like BF3 is the worst FPS ever.

chukamachine2248d ago

Rofl CSS.

BF3 is the best war game out, sorry but it is.

I've played all BF series, BFBC1,2 Do not count.

1942,43,vietnam,bf2 all good games, but no destruction, but bigger maps.

I'm more looking foward to the DLC for BF3 then most other games.

s3arch2248d ago

You clearly don't know decent games then, if you think CSS is poor or whatever your laughing about. That game is perfection, COD is weak and I really don't know why anyone counts it to be a BF3 competitor, a real gamer will tell you. COD blows but at this moment in time, so does BF3, the update did fix some stuff but flash lights and lasers, some of the guns have been made better! TBH Crysis 3 looks like it's gonna be mind blowing and hopefully makes COD history.

On the BF3 front, I agree BFBC1 and 2 are completely different but if they used some of the features from it, BF3 would kick butt.

chukamachine2248d ago

I know decent games, i've played every shooter on the market.

Never enjoyed css that muc tbh, the free wolfenstein game was decent back in the day.

Some peeps think HL2 is the best game ever, it's not even close, but still a decent game. Although way to easy.

Crysis 1, nice open world type affair, but boring in many ways. MP is crap, like all crytek games.

I don't go with the flow etc, i like what i like.

The way everyone waffles on about rockstar games, RDR is the only decent game they have made.

Best new i.p this gen is UNCHARTED.

Warface looks like cryteks attempt at COD.

What other game for it's scale touches BF3, nothing. Weapons, bullet drop, destruction. tanks,heli's,planes,jeeps.

You don't get nothing like it in any other game.

The only other decent MP game was QUAKE3. UT Did not come close.

DanSolo2248d ago

I miss BFBC2 to be honest, I really want to like BF3 but it feels like something is missing.

Although it has a lot more stuff than BFBC2 and is more polished, it just doesnt feel as good.

leogets2248d ago

The game is awesome.yes bfbc2 was too but bf3 tops it immensly.the only thing missing is that people are too stuborn to realise a great game.dice move on not dont expect bfbc3 to be like 2. Itll be like bf3