Battlefield 3 Update Controversy: 'We Don't Care About Individuals' - DICE

NowGamer: Battlefield 3 studio responds to criticism over the last BF3 patch saying it has to take all gamers into account.

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Hufandpuf2191d ago

I think people are mad because the recoil is too high for "them". They need to stop whining and learn how to aim, the patch is fine.

BeaArthur2191d ago

Yeah I for the most part like the update. The guns feel more like they did in BC2 meaning more skilled players triumph in mid range shoot outs and that's fine with me.

Gaming1012191d ago

Wow, could this quote have been taken any more out of context? The actual quote was "We don't care about single individuals, we care about pleasing everyone"
This is obviously the right approach when you see the big picture with all the data like they do, you see who is glitching and using which weapons to high advantage, if you listen to the vocal minority you're nuts, you need to do what is best for everyone.

scrambles2191d ago

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the recoil increase. Now the CoD nubs lose and getting sprayed down from 2 blocks away is gone. The slow RoF guns have a purpose! The Famas is finally close range only! LMGs are no longer inaccurate assault rifles! Carbines are more of upgrade smgs rather than slightly nerfed ARs.

after the mini server side patch for tanks. Theyre finally ok again but still reactive armor and smoke are necessary 24/7. I still think suppression is out of whack tho.

Im extremely happy as well.

Statix2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Actually, most of the Carbines got BUFFED after the last patch. Not to mention, with the Heavy Barrel now increasing range and damage (extra bonus on carbines), many of the carbines are more powerful and effective than before.

Funny that you mention "recoil has been increased" when it's not true. The Flash Suppressor attachment actually acts as a recoil compensator now. So, overall, the weapons actually have LESS recoil in general. I know this firsthand, as I use the SCAR-H a lot, and it used to kick like a mule; with the new Flash Suppressor, the recoil is significantly lessened.

Did you even read the patch notes?

Source: http://battlelog.battlefiel...

Cosmit2191d ago

Actually no. The recoil hasn't been increased. Like Statix said. The Flash Suppressor really tones down the recoil on some weapons.

The only thing I have an issue with are the stupid Mass/Dart users. And a small issue I have is the Suppression Effect. They should tone it down about 10-25%. I think that would be the sweet spot for it. Its a bit exaggerated now in my opinion.

SixZeroFour2191d ago

forget the recoil (which i barely noticed) or the rebalancing of weapons (famas) gripe, which im somewhat amazed more ppl arent talking about, is how the m26 dart is basically bf3's version of CoDs throwing knife

FlashXIII2191d ago

Haven't played BF in a while so came on ready to roll my eyes thinking EA have gone and fucked up another great franchise however increased recoil? FUCK YEAH!! This is why it was love at first play for me and the battlefield series.

sovietsoldier2191d ago

i disagree, yes there is more recoil but there is more to the guns then just recoil which anyone with skill and experience can easily over come. spread,reload, ads and hip all play into how a gun feels and reacts, if any of these are far off then it wont feel and play right then player will voice their concerns.

i dislike the patch but it has nothing to do with recoil.

SpaceFox2191d ago

The recoil isn't the problem, it's the new vehicle balance. Tanks were perfectly balanced before the patch but now they're so vulnerable to Javelins (which everybody now uses) that you can't drive for 2 minutes without getting blown up out of nowhere.

"Use smoke" everybody says, but why should I have to? Why should I lose my freedom of choice just because DICE can't balance their game properly?

torchic2191d ago

how were tanks perfectly balanced when people could push up right into your spawn with a tank and get 20+ kills without death? they're sooo much better now!

SilentNegotiator2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

They were balanced? lol, riiiiiiight.

The vehicles were short of immortal with a single person repairing from the back. It's 'realistic' that tanks not be very destructible by strikes from the front, sure, but not good gameplay balance. I support ANY nerfing of vehicles in BF3.

But then, I haven't gotten to try the latest BF3 build myself. I just hope they gave more recoil to the higher up weapons, in which automatic weapons worked like sniper rifles. I've never liked how higher level players got INSANE weapons like that; it makes trying to use classes that you haven't used much yet impossible to level up.

violents2190d ago

"Why should I lose my freedom of choice just because DICE can't balance their game properly?"

You still have a choice, one's just gonna get you killed faster.

KontryBoy7062191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

I agree with hufandpuf 100%. They really nerfed the Hell outta the famas lol. Everything is fine and now that people need to have more skill, gunfight turnouts are more accurate. No more getting sprayed down from medium to long range

Statix2191d ago

I was a HUGE fan of the Famas before the patch. I used the gun a lot. After the patch, it got a HUGE downgrade, and is now very hard to use, with extreme recoil.

After they nerfed my Famas, I didn't whine or get pissy and moany about it. I adapted; I started using other guns more, and I still enjoy using the Famas because it takes more skill to use and kill with now. I'm not complaining that DICE nerfed "my favorite gun" like so many people do, because I totally understood that the Famas was considered an OP weapon by most people.

People who get upset when something they like gets nerfed or balanced need to learn to adapt, and stop whining. The vast majority of the time, when something is nerfed, it's for the greater good of the game and the community, promoting better weapon and gameplay balance.

eak32188d ago

Agree Famas is still effective up close and set to single shot. I think it could be very useful in the new expansion.

mugoldeneagle032191d ago

Is that they literally edited almost every single gun, and for someone who's put ton's of hours in from the start to adapt to change on such a large scale, it really takes you out of the game.

Add on these stupid "unlock all" DLC items and what do all those hours spent amount to? Nothing.

It's the reason why I went from playing 4-5 hours a day to once a week if that...So no, it's not just the "Call of Duty scrubs" who are complaining...

SixZeroFour2191d ago

well, i disagree with your "unlock all" issue...all that time you spent got you free unlocks while those that choose to "unlock all" have to spend more money and it isnt a small amount of money either

Fylus2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

The amount of money it costs to unlock everything isn't a big deal. Any child could go mow one person's lawn for 45 minutes and get $20 to spend unlocking stuff... What's fair, spending 100-200 hours of your life to unlock these things, or spending maybe half an hour to unlock these exact same things? The "Unlock All" DLC was a horrible mistake on EA's part which only proves they are as greedy as everyone says.

I assume you disagree because you are one of those people who fell for this, and you want to justify your purchase by siding with EA on the matter. Whether my speculation is right or wrong, it's still incredibly greedy of EA to allow such DLC.

SixZeroFour2191d ago

whether you believe me or not, i dont click the agree or disagree buttons, i voice my opinion since i have the bubbles to do so, secondly, i havent even purchased the unlocks, although i do have the msp to do it, im not one to spoil my own fun with a game i purchased, HOWEVER, if someone wants to waste even more money to unlock something that theyll most likely eventually get anyways then thats their perogative, who am i to tell them what they can or cant do with their or someones elses money

i will agree with you tho on the fact that this IS just another way EA or dice is monetizing on their product but thats the case with the majority of dlc out nowadays

no one is forcing you to buy it, and no one is taking away the enjoyment and pride you prolly had and felt when you were going through the trouble to unlock the weapons

HeavenlySnipes2191d ago

Uh maybe its so that new players wouldn't be raped by veteran players who leveled up and got all the 'good' weapons. Games with a lot of weapons need that sort of thing to balance out the older players with the new ones.

Just a thought

mugoldeneagle032191d ago

Any response whether I agree or disagree shouldnt be disputed. And I completely agree that having the option to buy something isn't a slight at all. If a person is new and has money to burn then by all means go for it.

The problem I have is all that time I, a day 1 owner, and someone who has put in a pretty large chunk of time into the game, is pretty much wasted and amounts to nothing if I'm literally on an even playing field with an enemy who's had the game 2 days.

You see by that point it has less to do with skill (which I have) and more to do with unlocks, which is complete bullshit.

The patch in full was fucking amazing. I've been a long time FPS/TPS shooter fan (Love SOCOM..) and DICE has show some amazing dedication. I just didn't like the patch + this DLC.

Does it ruin the game? No. But it does justify the 2:30 AM post about me bitching about it. And complaining about how I WANT to play the game, not the game itself.

Sadly that'll be the way it goes till the new DLC, which hopefully will get me back into the grind.

violents2190d ago

I totally agree with the "unlock all" BS. Those unlocks and upgrades are supposed to come with experience and excellence. Where is your sportsmanship? Those arent acheivements if you just throw more money at it! You should wear your acomplishments like a badge of honor. What have you got to hold up to show your skill and dedication.

Oh a virtual reciept, huh?

SixZeroFour2190d ago

but thats the thing...just cause you have the unlocks DOES NOT mean you would be any better using them than someone who put the time and effort with each gun

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Mikeyy2191d ago

I find it funny that all the people that love the recoil "increase" are all Assualt rifle users. You guys got buffed.

LMG's got nerfed into trash. Thats why some of us are upset. Pull out the M249 and tell me that's not broken...

megacowdung2191d ago

Hey a I agree with you completely about recoil except for Suppression and the recoil on a few of the LMG's. The PKP and M60E4 have a lot more recoil than they should in my opinion.

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Nitrowolf22191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

'We Don't Care About Individuals'
Reads story
"we don’t care about single individuals, we care about everyone."
Slight misquote/misleading on the title don't you think?
Making it sound like they are the bad guys for discussing their patch process and how they don't focus on just one issue based on a small group, when they are taking the whole community into account.

TimmyShire2191d ago

Hard to fit all of that into a headline, I guess, but that's internet games journalism for you.

Hicken2191d ago

But wouldn't it have been more accurate to start with the second half of that quote? Maybe it's because I wouldn't be after hits, but I would have used the quote that got the more important message across.

jimmins2191d ago

Wow, you mean I've actually got to click through for the whole story?

Nitrowolf22191d ago

That's the issue with journalism. The fact that you guys were the ones who conducted the interview knew fully well what they meant. Way to try and twisted the words with such a title.

Obvious hit seeker is obvious.

TekoIie2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Maybe we should talk to gaming journalists how angry Gamers talk to Robert bowling!!!! That'll teach them not to go using us for hits :3

ddurand12191d ago

yall missed the sarcasm there i think.

Elwenil2191d ago

Isn't "single individuals" a bit redundant? Individuals means just that, individuals. The meaning is the same though I admit most people will probably take the spin.

Feckles2191d ago

The big picture's what's important and DICE is right to focus on that.

Prediction: Battlefield to beat Call of Duty is sales early on in next gen.

jjb19812191d ago

Yes, bf4 on next gen will be awesome!

Prince_Dim-Lu2191d ago

LMAO.. thanks for that joke.

TekoIie2191d ago

prediction: Call of duty to beat Battlefield in sales early on next gen.

See what i did there? i swap them round to get a reaction out of people and i bet mine will be the opposite to yours.

BALLARD322191d ago

At least you're being realistic. Unfortunately, BF can't compete with CoD's sales. That's probably for the best too because we don't want DICE/EA getting lazy and making less quality games.

jjb19812191d ago

The only people I hear complaining are the ex-famas wh*res...

WiIIiam2191d ago

DICE may claim to not care about individuals but they sure love to rent servers out to individuals who can create their own imbalanced games featuring ass-backwards rules.

While we're on the topic, DICE's overlords at EA certainly do care about individuals, which is why they emailed me a questionnaire asking why I don't play BF3 anymore. I replied that I wouldn't play again nor would I buy any more EA shooters until they start treating their customers with respect.

Hufandpuf2191d ago

do you realize dedicated servers cost money? And that BF2 had the same thing?

WiIIiam2191d ago

I really don't care either way. I'm sure BF2 didn't have paid unlocks though, which is a worse offense if you ask me. Too many things about this game and many of EA's recent titles feel blatantly commercialized.

Hufandpuf2191d ago

I have no problem with someone paying money for guns. If they don't have too much time on their hands to play for 100+ hours to unlock everything, they should be welcome to buy access to them.

Paid unlocks don't make a player good either. My 200+ hours of experience wins over them anytime.

WiIIiam2191d ago

I could argue all day over whether you should need hundreds of spare hours to unlock everything or if you should have to pay to get them instead, but that's neither here nor there. The point of my initial comment is that DICE is talking out of its collective ass when it says it doesn't care about individuals, and I don't think that can really be disputed.

pwnmaster30002191d ago

I play all the time and not once have under the imbalance your talking about.
Also I love the rules, like only snipers or pistol etc

ian722191d ago

Some private servers are ok, but I have been in a lot of games where I've been playing with friends in a squad and one of us have been killed and put on the other team. When it happened to me I tried going back to my squad and got kicked.
I once had a great score (MVP at time) then got killed and placed on other team only for my score to be reset to 0 points.
Also getting kicked from games for nothing.
I now try to play on servers I have in the HISTORY list in server browser, that I know don't do this stupid unfair side swapping etc.
And no-one seems to play EA servers anymore, they are always empty.

MrMister2191d ago

Sound like your mad. Bro.

arnyftw2191d ago

Yeah the private servers are a pain in the ass, in quick match they should have the option of Dice servers only, I only come on to play a max 30 min match, and then I get into 1250 tickets servers which never end and I will never finish.

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