Kotaku: Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Squeezed Into a Hallway? Not Bad!

Kotaku - In short, it's a powder keg of claustrophobic fun

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Hufandpuf1495d ago

I'm a fan of the bigger maps, but this looks like a lot of fun. I can see E-Sports opting for these kinds of maps and modes.

finbars751495d ago

I got to say this looks Epic as hell.Anybody trying to tell me this is a call of duty rip off then you need to think again.This is what real close warfare is like complete havoc.

Majin-vegeta1495d ago

I agree looks like i'm gonna be running medic on these maps :D.

finbars751495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Love the Battlefield friends episodes.Good call on the medic for this DLC.

sovietsoldier1495d ago

this is a call of duty rip off and has been be for this game was even release, so no amount of pr is going to change my mind.

ExCest1495d ago

Yeah. Every FPS is a rip-off of COD. /s When were you born? Even IF I'm younger than you, I probably am not as ignorant.

TronEOL1495d ago

Well that was exciting. I will be playing these maps for sure.

spektical1495d ago

idk, this map reminds me a lot of radec academy where if you go to the middle of the map you are most likely gonna be killed... and the best way to survive and get kills is stay in the perimeter.

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