Capcom: Future of Monster Hunter outside Japan “very bright”

Gematsu: "Capcom held one of their regular “Ask Capcom” live stream events today, during which the company’s Christian Svensson addressed fan concerns over the Monster Hunter franchise’s fate in the west."

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GameTavern2277d ago

So it seems more and more likely that Nintendo will be a publishing partner on this going forward?

Stunt2277d ago

Might be what they're waiting for: Nintendo's final call on the whole thing.

GameTavern2277d ago

I have to imagine that publishing in the West was part of the deal Nintendo made to get the game and 4 on the 3DS

That or sacrificing Mario's first born.

ronin4life2277d ago

I think that capcoms deep relationship with Nintendo has more to do with it. (Though I wouldn't rule out such deals and partnerships.)
They have been close partners on quite a few projects over the years.

FarCryLover1822277d ago

"very bright" = DLC out the WAZOO?!?!

ronin4life2277d ago

Mon hun has, as far as I know, only free dlc.

FarCryLover1822277d ago

That's a good thing. But based on Capcom's track record, one would assume otherwise. Hopefully Capcom are on the right path and won't charge much in the States.

Jensen2277d ago

soo does that mean... no more MH on a sony device...?

sloth33952277d ago

maybe it should have real online on the ps3 and not just ad hoc

Ultr2277d ago

thats capcom, always relying on sony, but when sony does not deliver they change to nintendo, THE F!! whats wrong with these guys..

phantomexe2277d ago

I had never played a monster hunter game until i played the one on the Wii and i loved it. This one was money well spent.

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