CES: Seagate refuses to confirm mobile hard drive for PS3, PSP

A cool Idea. Load up the 60GB drive with videos and songs, and in the living room you can access it through your PS3. Take it with you, and watch and listen to the content on your iPhone. In the bedroom, watch the videos on your laptop. The devices may change, but your content becomes perfectly portable and accessible, with no need to migrate data.

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Blademask3931d ago

not that this amateur couldn't get a comment, no?

n_n3931d ago

i'd get one... wired ones would drop in price so i might just get a wired one.. i don't travel much and everything i want is already in my PS3/PSP mem stick...

ravinash3931d ago

MY PSP should be arriving in the post any day now...*Rubbing hands with glee*

mighty_douche3931d ago

judging from your previous comments you seem to know your stuff. i recommend you take some time to learn about HOMEBREW and the true capabilities of the PSP that Sony dont want you to know about.

wanna play mario cart?

GodsHand3931d ago

Same here I should be getting my PSP Monday.

And for wanting to play Mario Kart, MGS2 , Zelda, YES, YES, YES!

mighty_douche3931d ago

Wont confirm it, but wont dismiss it either? take that was you want.

mikeslemonade3931d ago

I'm not sure what to do with this, but after some thought i'm sure i'm going to find something useful out of this product. The PSP basically can do what this HDD can do with remote play and then you can connect it to a computer to watch and listen to media. A HDD would certainly be more versatile though.

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