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PS1 Title Leaked On The PS Vita Store

The PS Vita has accidently received its first PS1 game! (PS Vita)

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Dante112  +   1308d ago
Ps one games are coming? Wasn't this as well as Skype the most asked for? Nice. Now all Sony has to do is bring me a youtube app and I'll be cool.
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jwk94  +   1308d ago
i think they confirmed that a youtube app would be coming soon.
PLASTICA-MAN  +   1308d ago
Oh please where? Any source?
SilverBullet129  +   1308d ago
I believe before the Vita was released it was one of the apps listed as coming soon (on the main vita site by Sony) but now they no longer have it in the list:(
MaxXAttaxX  +   1308d ago
Skype = check!
PSone games = almost check!
YouTube app/HTML5 video = need!
ABizzel1  +   1308d ago
PS2 games = hope so
Awesome_Gamer  +   1307d ago
Awesome news :)
Prince_Dim-Lu  +   1308d ago
Why are you people excited for PS1 games? You have a brand new powerful handheld, and the excitement is for PS1 games?!?!?!?


I just don't get this.

LMAO, and then some guy a few post below writes that he wishes his Vita had PS2 games. I just don't get this. PS fans this generation are wanting and seemingly wanting old games to play instead of new ones.

Ahhhhh.. that's why... @below here with the "shut up". I forgot, N4G is mostly 14 year olds. That explains it. They weren't around for PS1 and PS2 games.

Guess what little Aggregate.... you were supposed to play PS2 games on your PS3. :(
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ArtificiallyYours  +   1308d ago
Shut up...
NeoBasch  +   1308d ago
New Vita games would be nice, but wouldn't you want legacy titles as well? I like to keep some of my favorites on the PSP just to have them in one spot on the go. I love how whenever I feel in the mood for some retro gaming, I'll just pick up my PSP go into the games tab and play some of those legacy titles.

Its convenient. It also gives me motivation to play some of my backlog (games I haven't finished) as I don't need to wait to sit in front of a TV, which would just weirdly contort or frame the image anyways (makes it much easier to see all the jaggies), to play them.

Some of those older games are extremely close to our hearts, and being able to replay them at a second's notice is kind of heartwarming in a cheesy way.
TENTONGUN  +   1308d ago
i still want to play my ff7 and blood omen ps1 classics. do you really have to find a reason to bitch about what others want? should all old games just vanish or somethin?
Ulf  +   1308d ago
Many gamers, these days, have not played many PS1 games, if any at all, and they are *still* worth it.

The PS1's era ended over a decade ago -- lots of adults in their 20s never even owned a PS1, or played a PS1 game. Many of them don't know what a SNES or Genesis is, and especially not a Turbo Grafx 16. Atari has been a giant bomb of a brand their entire lifetimes, etc. The gaming world has changed... several times over.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1308d ago
***"you were supposed to play PS2 games on your PS3."***

Mute point. People can play PS1 game on their ps3, but still want PS1 on the vita store. So it is safe to assume that even if you could still play PS2 games on the PS3 that people would still want the game on the vita store.

Way to show you true colors...
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FragGen  +   1306d ago
Because Blood Omen Legacy of Kain is just as awesome today as the day it was released. (Along with a bunch of other titles)
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Rikuson1  +   1308d ago
i want megaman legends 2 please..
Studio-YaMi  +   1308d ago
1&2 actually....
and I want them to announce a new megaman legends 3 for the PSVITA since they cancelled the 3DS one,or maybe release it on both PSVITA/3DS !

That would be great :D !
ThatEnglishDude  +   1308d ago
Buzz Lightyear. Whoopie.
Wolfbiker  +   1308d ago
Not the point.
MissAubrey  +   1308d ago
I hope this is gonna happe! NOT only that I hope the games look better than what they do on ps3 because they look like a mess.
Deathdeliverer  +   1308d ago
Why would they look better than they do on PS3? ITS PS1 GAMES, not updated remakes.
MissAubrey  +   1308d ago
well if you ever played psone games on a playstation emulator youd know that playstation games have the ability to really REALLY nice. but on the ps3 you dont get that, instead you just get a blurry looking mess which is a shame.

@ FredEffinChopin
True, but even on a Emulator on a 27in monitor you can make a psone game look like a hidef dreamcast game.
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FredEffinChopin  +   1308d ago
It's going to look far better just for being on a tiny screen.
Trenta27  +   1308d ago
What the Vita needs is cross play. I could care less about the apps and PS1 games.
edwineverready  +   1308d ago
wipeout has crossplay already.more will come soon.
catfrog  +   1308d ago
i hadnt noticed, this is the old, ps3 wipeout, right?

do i have to do anything special to get this on my vita?
HarvesterOSarow  +   1308d ago
It's the new Wipeout 2048. It was my first retail purchase and I've played PS3 owners, and it works flawlessly.
Trenta27  +   1307d ago
Crossplay won't happen like we think it will. It would basically make the PS3 obsolete if it could do that.
himdeel  +   1308d ago
Remote play > cross play. If you could remote play Skyrim I know at least 50% of my PSN friends list would pick up a Vita on their lunch breaks that same day.
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Zetsomaru  +   1308d ago
Cool. Just like the PSP. Hey, You know what'd be really cool?
Playing PS2 Classics on my VITA. I would shed tears of joy.
ooquis  +   1308d ago
Look how long it took ps3 to get them...i'm hopeful the vita will get it eventually.
Half-Mafia  +   1308d ago
I went on the Store today to download some of the new demos. It seems to be alot faster. Also it seem like most games now have screenshots.
Studio-YaMi  +   1308d ago
Thanks for the info !
*goes to check !*
phantomexe  +   1308d ago
i'd like for vita trophies to show up on the PS3. I think there adding to the overall count but it be nice if you could check them out on the ps3. Anyone here if there going do this?
Nitrowolf2  +   1308d ago
IDK if they are but I would like this to. Don't understand why the PSP can view the PS3 ones but not vice versa. Should have a little "PS VITA"Icon by the titles name when viewing from PS3
catfrog  +   1308d ago
its possible, it would just require the ps3 syncing the trophies, i hope they'll do it, but if not, meh
Fatty  +   1308d ago
Hurry up Sony, I want to put my Wild Arms, Alundra, FF's VII and IX, and Castlevania Chronicles on my Vita.
Slysi  +   1308d ago
I'd rather play ps2 games on my vita then ps1, gta San Andreas would go down a treat
dboyman  +   1308d ago
Why not both. Only thing is lack of L2 and R2 and L3 and R3. Hope Sony finds a way around it...
kingxtreme81  +   1308d ago
The way around the L2/R2, L3/R3 problem is with the front touch and rear touch. It may not be flawless, but it would work just fine for most games.

As for PS2 games on Vita - damn that needs to happen. That is a gold mine for Sony and other pubs right there.
Wolfbiker  +   1308d ago
Those buttons are assigned to the back pad. It is shown in the remote play settings I believe.
TENTONGUN  +   1308d ago
itll work dude
catfrog  +   1308d ago
i think the problem with ps2 games on vita is that it requires a lot of work. ps1 games can just be ported right over, ps2 games would require rewriting. we're already seeing this happen with ff10, it'll probably be viewed as an example of how well ps2 games sell on the vita, so support this game and you're likely to see more.
Ethereal  +   1308d ago
There ya go. Proof that is right around the corner. Looks like they are testing PSN distribution. Now everyone can relax..
WitWolfy  +   1308d ago
Cant believe Sony left out so many features customers would of expcted to be there out of the box.. Very disappointing... IM LOOKING AT YOU REMOTE PLAY!!!
jlukee  +   1308d ago
This feature should have been available from day one really! We should all be getting excited about being able to play ps2 games at this point(if its possible)
asmith2306  +   1308d ago
Heres an idea Sony, add support for PS1 and PS2 games and release the entire back catalogue (if you can) on the PS Store for ALL PS platforms that support PSN. Each game should be under 5 quid. You would make a killing in sales!
ooquis  +   1308d ago
5 pounds....hell yeah.
bubwright  +   1308d ago
does this mean ill have to buy the same ps1 games again?!!
ooquis  +   1308d ago
wolokowoh  +   1308d ago
No the Xperia Play/Playstation phone is the only thing that requires you to do that. Vita doesn't make you repurchase digital PSP games so the assumption is this will hold true for PS1 classics. Now if you bought PS1 classics for the phone, the answer would be yes.
bubwright  +   1308d ago
ohh ok thanks for clearing that up for me :D
kasasensei  +   1308d ago
Buying a 300$ top notch handheld to play ps1 games....
And people are happy to buy the same old stuff 3 times...
Crazy world of people with a lot of money to throw out the window...
Prince_Dim-Lu  +   1308d ago
Exactly what I wrote above. Funny how you get a disagree for writing that, yet a guy who wants old PS2 games to play on his brand new Vita gets 10 likes and 0 dislikes. Are Playstation fans this starved for games? Are playstation fans not fans of new games? I'm not quite getting it.

@halo below... well ya.. the good ol days of not nickle and diming is long gone.. but then again, back then, nobody was really gaming online like they do now.. so adding DLC was never really an option much.
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jrbeerman11  +   1308d ago
cant people want both?

People want to be able to fill catalog of games with cheaper games in same vein as cell phones and casual games.

What better way than to get your favorite games from older consoles but with mobility at a more affordable price than new games. Or perhaps you missed some of the better selling ps1 and ps2 games and want a second chance to be able to try for the first time.
Prince_Dim-Lu  +   1308d ago
Ya, but the good feelings of the old games will die quick. Once you play those games again... it's really not the same feeling. Ha.. they kinda suck now compared to playing our new games.

But hey... if people are excited for older games, it's their money.
MissAubrey  +   1308d ago
at least we know those psone games are complete and we arent gonna get nickled and dimed to death by DLC like dynatsy warriors and MvC. I have no problem paying for a psone game a second time to make it portable. I mean dont you guys do the same with every street fighter 4 and Call of duty game they release?

@Prince Dim-Lu
about the guy who wants PS2 games, obviously wants classic psone games/Ps2 PORTABLE.
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wolokowoh  +   1308d ago
The PS1 generation is one of the best, especially in terms of RPGs. Final Fantasy 6-9 plus Tactics, Legend of Dragoon coming May 1, Wild Arms, and many more. Adding to this are several titles from other genres such as MGS, Spyro, Tekken, Darkstalkers, Tomb Raider, etc. What people are excited for is the prospect of adding 100+ titles to the library of titles available for play on their system. People were excited when Ocarina of Time was remade for 3DS so why wouldn't people be excited to play the original MGS, Chrono Trigger, or FF6 and FF7 which are titles that make many people's best of all time lists for good reason. Also people wouldn't have to rebuy the titles if they already own them digitally.

What interesting to me is that the titles I am most excited to see on Vita are Gravity Rush and FFX. One of which is new while the other is just a remaster of a game I already have. Why is this? It is because the game is one of the best around and taking that with me wherever I go is worth repurchasing it for. I travel a lot so making the older titles portable is what warrants my money. I bought Tactics War of the Lions because I wanted the game portable. If they released RE4 for the Vita I'd buy it again because it's portable and I still play that game enough to warrant another purchase. Maybe I'm the only one who revisits his older titles here but I've played the original God of War over 20 times, RE4 12 times, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune 8 times, Final Fantasy 10 6 times, and this goes on and on. I definitely try to get my money's worth out of the titles I buy yet I still have many games at the same time.
Britainz-Fin3st  +   1308d ago
Im going to buy this expensive piece of kit and guess what, you remember those games you used to by me when i was 7, i can play them again.
tweet75  +   1308d ago
its ridiculous that you couldnt download and play anything that works on the psp on the vita from day 1.
himdeel  +   1308d ago
I agree. I have over 70 PSone and Minis that are just sitting on my PS3 hard drive that I've yet had the time to play. To me these games are very much suited for the Vita along with the games they will continue releasing on the device.

This was a MAJOR oversight by Sony. One of many misteps where the fans are clearly wanting one thing right away and they seems to drag their feet.
wolokowoh  +   1308d ago
It's because of the differences in the operating system. It wasn't until 1.7(April 19, 2007) came out for PS3 that they were playable on PS3 and they were available for PSP on December 4, 2006. While it was quicker for PS3 than it has been on Vita, you can see that it takes a while to get the emulator working properly for an operating system. Give them credit though, they have many PSP titles available for download from the start and have said they are working for a PS1 emulator.
vikingland1  +   1308d ago
OMG stop the presses I get to play olden golden games!
Noticeably_FAT   1308d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
SandwichHammock  +   1308d ago
Fook, Chrono Cross and FF9 portable!!! Okay Sony, now you're just trolling my ass. Make it happen!

edit: and yes I am very aware, and upset, that this was possible on PSP, as I had those titles on both of mine.
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Honest_gamer  +   1307d ago
if they dont get remote play working on more than a hand full of games them im just gona hack my 2nd ps3 and use remote play that way i wana play disgaea 4 etc when the girl friend in on the main ps3 ill give them till the end of next month i guess

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