PlayStation Vita In Need of a Sales Rebound - Unscripted Access Episode #5

"PlayStation Vita in need of a sales rebound, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale one of Sony’s largest bets of all time, Robert Bowling gives birth to Robotoki while the next Call of Duty awaits its upcoming announcement, and more gaming news and nonsense that listeners have come to expect with Unscripted Access."

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2223d ago
Nick2120042223d ago

I personally do not feel the PlayStation Vita needs a price drop. When there are millions of consumers spending $300-$400 for a phone every 1-2 years (32gb and 64gb iPhone 4S), $250 for a PlayStation Vita is more than justified.

As discussed during Unscripted Access Episode #5, I feel that Sony needs to amp up their marketing to the level it was at launch as well as secure more blockbuster titles. Sure we have Uncharted: Golden Abyss with Mortal Kombat and Resistance: Burning Skies coming soon, but they need to effectively bring Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and God of War as those titles will be the games that sell the platform if executed correctly with a console-like experience and solid marketing.

I also feel Sony needs to work on improving Remote Play with the PS3 to make that a selling point alone for PS3 owners.

LOGICWINS2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Nick, the reason expensive phones sell so well is because they are subsidized. Idiots say "Gee, I just gt a free Android phone..great deal!" In reality, they ARE paying for the phone with the monthly data fee that most carriers require you to have if you own a smartphone.

Also, there are different standards for Apple products when it comes to sales. The general middle class populace are okay wuith spending exorbitant for Iphones and IPADs because Apple has had the greatest marketing this generation as far as portable computer entertainment is concerned.

There are more people out there willing to spend $500 for the next iphone than $250 for a Vita(Compare week one iphone 4s sales to Vita's sales so far. The evidence is clear as day) Why? Superior marketing from Apple. If your idea that "people will spend because you've seen them spend $600 on an iphone"..then answer me this. Why do sales of high end Sony Ericsson phones pale in comparison to iphones?

By your logic, $300 Sony Ericsson phones should be flying off the shelves since you've seen people pay double for iphones right?

BuffMordecai2223d ago

People buy apple because the mainstream public are a bunch of stupid sheep who can't compare features to other devices that offer more at a lower price. A lot of phones are better than the Icrap.

Soldierone2223d ago

I agree, but people need to realize that Sony hasn't targeted it head on just yet. They just want it out there right now, and the full fledged attack isn't starting till fall.

Call of Duty and other titles are on the table, they are coming, Sony just hasn't talked about it yet. When that IS announced (I say at E3) sales are going to skyrocket. They also more than likely have a bunch of stuff in the works for it too.

It kinda sucks right now because there is hardly anything around, but its still hella fun to use. I don't think it needs a price drop, the memory cards do and it just needs more games to justify the price.

andibandit2223d ago


theres a big diffrence between a handheld gaming device and a smartphone. The abillity to:

Get in contact with someone
Be contacted
Surf the internet anywhere

is invalueable to alot of people, not only in their private life, but also worklife.
Where as gaming anywhere is more of a "Nice to have", but not as necessary.

Theres also(im not speaking for me here) the status symbol of the IPhone. People look at someone with an Iphone and their first thought problably wont be "He must be broke".

Then there's integration....i dont know how many electronic devices i've seen with some sort of IPhone docking or other kind of integration, and it's just not hardware, it's software integration as well.

Most people do not realize this and it may sound a bit abstract but Apple arent selling just a mobile phone.

Zha1tan2223d ago

Why is this is the PC news feed?

GTFO contributer

MaxXAttaxX2223d ago

Because they talk about Batman: AC.

Zha1tan2223d ago

SO because its extremely briefly mentioned that warrants it being PC news?

sorry no.

MaxXAttaxX2222d ago

It may not be worth putting a PC tag for it, but those are the rules.
No biggie.

TimeSkipLuffy2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Vita needs more big title exclusives! Just release something like Crisis Core and it will sell like crazy in Japan...

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