First Screens of Shinji Mikami's New Horror Game

GameXplain: "The first screenshots for Shinji Mikami's new survival-horror game are in, and they look beautiful! The two images below feature a collage of environments from the game, and they look fantastically creepy."

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Eternalb2221d ago

Whoa, those look more intense than Resident Evil.

Virtual_Reality2220d ago

Yeah, Capcom should hire again Shinji to put back in the track Resident Evil.

deep_fried_bum_cake2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

It might just be me, but nowadays what doesn't look more intense than resident evil?

Anyway, they look like pretty creepy settings so who knows, this could be good.


Agreed. RE has not been the "intense atmosphere" parameter for a long time, specially since Code Veronica day-light action (although still good game).

Arguably Silent Hill holds the best atmosphere prize since forever... But this screens, hoping for the best, might put an end to that.

DevilishSix2221d ago

I could see those as screens from a Shadows of the Damned 2. Anyone else get the vibe the style is similiar and could represent a sequel?

Pintheshadows2221d ago

I'm playing SotD at the moment and I agree that the art seems similar. The fact working title is Zwei (2 in German) also adds to that theory.

However it does say this is a survival-horror game and SotD most definately isn't.

Ryo-Hazuki2221d ago

SOTD is an IP that is owned by Grasshopper. This new horror ip is in complete control by Mikami so this game will definitely be great.

VsAssassin2221d ago

It gives that 'Call of Cthulu' vibe looking at those screens.

Wolf8732221d ago

I concur. Those are some amazing looking shots or concept arts. Defintely has vibes of Lovecraftanian horror. Let's just hope the game is truly frightening.

Xandet2220d ago

Someone needs to learn the difference between screenshots and concept art.

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The story is too old to be commented.