Pengrin: Steam Coming To Linux At Last | Rock Paper Shotgun

The chaps at Phoronix have confirmation from Valve that the developer are working on a Linux version of their platform-bestriding distribution system, and are even hiring new Linux developers.

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TopDudeMan1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

Everyone hates windows 8. I'll stick with 7 til they bring out 9 and see the error of their ways.

Did the same with XP when they brought out vista.

Edit: 1 person likes windows 8. In other news, I think bill gates just disagreed with me.

thebudgetgamer1727d ago

I have Steam downloaded on my linux computer, it start lets you log in but crashes after. It will be nice too have it native.

StayStatic1727d ago

Tempted to install Linux lol