Xbox Live With Increased Ads: The Last Thing Gamers Need

Techtorial: It’s only a matter of time until Microsoft decides to monetize XBL even further. And what better way to do that than explicitly deploy ads on your favorite apps, popping a 15-30 sec showstopper before you can even use it. Question is, do gamers really need these ads in the first place?

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NastyLeftHook02220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

that is one disturbing picture....but i cant stop staring. (. ) ( . )

Snookies122220d ago

It's amazing... No wait, it's horrifying... Then again...... o_o *stares* Yeah, can't look away.

So wait, what was the article about again? The picture throws me off haha! Yes though, XBL + Ads = stupid. That about sums it up!

NastyLeftHook02220d ago

ok sheesh, next time dont post a pic of yourself.

Snookies122220d ago

Hey, I wasn't the one who posted it. I just posed for the shot lol.

Persistantthug2220d ago

So in a manner of speaking....
shouldn't XBOX LIVE subscribers be grateful to Microsoft?

Hicken2220d ago

It can't possibly cost so much to run Live that they need billions in subscriptions AND revenue from ads on top of that. If so, then Live is really a money pit in need of some serious restructuring.

Persistantthug2220d ago

KINECT R&D and advertising cost alot of money.

SKUD2220d ago

Xbox needs an ad blocker app now. ROLLS DICE.

badz1492219d ago

It will stay on top of marketplace chart forever if it is ever released lol

marioPSUC2220d ago

The ads are so horrible especially if you have it set so when the disc loads it automatically starts the game. BUT people who are paying for XBL Gold shouldn't get these ads. I can understand making Silver users see ads since they don't pay but Gold users pay and it would be another incentive to offer to remove ads if you pay for Gold.

I'm just wondering if they are planning to make like another tier of payment so that people who pay even more don't see the ads. Wouldn't surprise me at all.

Kurt Russell2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Just like TV :/

Patriots_Pride2220d ago

Just like when you buy a news paper :/

kreate2220d ago

I think silver members should get ads and gold members get no ads.