EA’s PS3 Exclusive FPS From Black Troll Studios May No Longer Be Exclusive

Last year, the internet was on fire with the news that publisher EA and mystery developer Black Troll Studios were working on an exclusive shooter for the PS3. Now, it looks like the game has become multiplatform. - PSLS

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Abash1943d ago

Black Trolls Studios was making a PS3 exclusive FPS? Never heard that

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1943d ago

Same here. Would be nice to see what the heck it looks like though. Exclusive or not.

Moving on.

MaxXAttaxX1943d ago

There was a black trolling studio?

Biggest1942d ago

"Last year, the internet was on fire with the news that publisher EA and mystery developer Black Troll Studios were working on an exclusive shooter for the PS3."

I've been alive since last year. Did I miss the internet being on fire? I knew nothing of this game.

Soldierone1942d ago

Plus it's an exclusive FPS. Other than being from EA, there are already a lot of exclusive FPS titles for PS3. I'd rather see some other genre game be exclusive, but since its FPS it might be better for it to be multi-platform.

badz1491942d ago

internet was on fire lol!

the only thing on fire on the internet last year was the PSN outage and nothing else came close!

morkendo231942d ago


did u not know BLACK TROLLING STUDIO is BLACKBOX STUDIO sister lol

DeadlyFire1942d ago

WTH are you guys thinking? EA never makes exclusive games.

expect The Old Republic to come to WiiU/PS4/XB3 at some point. Oh wait that one is already rumored WiiU MMO by Lucasarts for E3. Oh wow.

As far as this game goes though it could be any FPS EA has made in its past. Well its not Battlefield, its not Medal of Honor. So is it BLACK 2? Naming the studio Black Trolling studio would be a funny joke/shot at Stuart Black the originator behind BLACK. Although it could be ARMY of Two/Four.

E3 will be the only place to find the answer.

sikbeta1942d ago

Black Troll Studio? never heard of this and I'm sure EA is not one of those Pubs that will deprive themeselves to get more money from all platforms they could :P

Gamer19821942d ago

First I heard of this too this game I mean. As for exclusive this is EA since when do they do exclusives anymore?

SilentNegotiator1942d ago

An exclusive FPS from EA? Not in a million years.

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BlackPrince 421943d ago

Well whatever. It's hard to lament the loss of an exclusive I didn't know existed and knew nothing about.

Then again, lamenting an exclusive is pointless unless the development of said game is negatively impacted by the porting process.

And hell, I've never even heard of Black Troll Studios before now.

TekoIie1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Depends on when we see it tbh. If it goes on to be the next COD4 then it would be a major loss for sony and would have really put microsoft at a disadvantage in the shooter market. But if it turned out to be a boring generic FPS then no one will really care...

BlackPrince 421943d ago

@ Pekolie

You're right it would be a major loss for Sony, but not for me. I already own my console and I'm more than satisfied with the output I've seen from Sony in terms of exclusives and the content of multiplat releases.

Who ultimately 'wins' the console wars doesn't affect your or me in the slightest as long as good games continue to be made available.

And even if I were a fanboy, who cared about which faceless, greedy corporation wanted my money, it'd still be pointless because everything will reset in a couple of years when we get new consoles.

glennco1942d ago

another exclusive FPS is no loss for anyone. it will not be a must buy, it is an FPS. it will be generic as they come and nothing new

basilezz30301943d ago

who is black trolling studio ??
are they "trolling" us ???

torchic1942d ago

lol I think we can all guess what their logo probably looks like........

basilezz30301942d ago

here is the logo

happy to help

metsgaming1943d ago

if a game was exclusive but turns multiplat yet no one knew about it in the first place, was it ever an exclusive? lol

Emilio_Estevez1943d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking.

Christopher1942d ago

Pretty much what Abash said. Looks like someone took some artistic licensing in presenting this bit of news.

SuperBeast8111942d ago

I never heard of the game or the studio.and if its from EA it wouldn't be exclusive for long

THESONYPS31942d ago

haha, Black Trolls Studios were nice nough to let some members of sony (including me) see it in development.

Prince_Dim-Lu1942d ago

Looks like they wanted to MAKE money by going multi plat, instead of LOSING money by keeping only on PS3.

Games sell much better on the 360 when they're multi plat majority of the time.

Ya, I expect the SDF on this site to give me the disagrees left and right... but it's true this generation. Sorry, it's been going on for almost 7 years, and that's just the way it is this gen.

turgore1942d ago

did EA ever make a PS3 or 360 exclusive ?

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Sev1943d ago

Third-party exclusives are like the Dodo bird. Stupid.

MariaHelFutura1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Keep your anti-dodo bird slurs to yourself....

There is no place for that on N4G.

Dread1943d ago


that was too funny dude

360GamerFG1943d ago

Lol!! That actually made me laugh.

SuperBeast8111942d ago

here here good sir!!