Halo 3 Professional Gameplay Analysis: Str8Rippin

Some professional Halo 3 game play footage (Str8Rippin vs Carbon) with expert analysis. The two featured gamers in this video are Legit and Tsquared from Str8Rippin.

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lynx1halo3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Str8Rippin clan you are a steaming pile of cow SH!T plain and simple lol guys make me embarrassed to be human.......
you all bring dishonor to your families and your should have all just remained another love stain on a Motel 8 bedsheet.........
I hate your faces

hydrog3485d ago

That was extremely boring... i will never get that 16 minutes of my life back.


SKUD3485d ago

you watched the whole 16 minutes?. I could only stand 3min.

FirstknighT3485d ago

Those geeks signed million doller contracts to play in MLG. Do you have a million???

jack who3485d ago

Str8Rippin i faced thier back in halo 2 boy was it fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.