Adam Sessler Out At G4

Longrunning gaming personality Adam Sessler is no longer at G4, the TV host's representative said today.

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Emilio_Estevez2188d ago

Meh, his tastes didn't quite line up with mine anyway. Here is to hoping the next one does!

Kurylo3d2188d ago

i dont think his tastes lined up with anyone. Every time i saw this dude i wondered how the hell he even had a job. He was not even entertaining.

closnyc2188d ago

you obviously didnt watch the first xplays before they became the mundane shit they are now. him and morgan webb, i used to fap to her, cause she was the perfect gf. he was awwesome and those intern skits they used to do, amazing. so yes, he used to be entertaining before g4 decided they wanted a more serious mature xplay, which killed it

MAJ0R2188d ago

Well idk about the fap part but I remember back in the day I used to watch xplay weeknights at 6 and it was awesome. After a while though (I don't remember when) G4 became a really crappy network and that brought down all the gaming shows and they started running cops 24/7.

MaxXAttaxX2188d ago

Hate on G4 all you want(including myself), but he was alright with me.

zeeshan2188d ago

Love Morgan! She's a true gamer! Never liked Sessler. I do love AOTS though :)

morganfell2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

When Tech TV ceased to exist and G4 took over and people like Leo were removed, it was all down hill from there.

Putting people like Kevin Pereira at the forefront of their prime time was tantamount to driving the network over a cliff. Suddenly lame attempts to be hip combined with an airhead and her failed displays of sexuality were more important than true substance.

Sessler was too often an overly righteous sort of person that like most gaming wannabee journalists (and that is most all of them period) forget their job is to serve the industry, not become self appointed, self important dictators of its direction. As much as they want to tell themselves otherwise, they do far more damage to the industry and the consumer than any help they provide. I for one am glad to see the Soapbox yanked from beneath his feet.

Far from being the guardians of quality they are instead purveyors of the only opinion that matters...theirs. They want to be part of the industry? Fine. Prepare to be attacked like the games you criticize, you bunch of talentless hacks.

The only thing more laughable than this story is the fact it is being reported by Kotaku.

Drake1172188d ago

Man i loved watching this guy and Morgan Webb every day after school when growing up. Hopefully he does well else where. G4 went way down hill a couple years ago, when they stopped being a channel about games, maybe he noticed and that's why he left.

ThanatosDMC2188d ago

Yup, i agree. His Soupbox thing was annoying.

Gamer19822188d ago

The guy always seemed to have a stick up his backside and for that reason i'm surprised he lasted to long.

Kurylo3d2187d ago

watching him.. i just had a feeling he had some very low self esteem. Morgan webb is still hot though :)

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ReservoirDog3162188d ago

Jeez, you two are completely opposite from me. Adam Sessler has for years been the only stand up guy in G4 for years. I might not have always* agreed with him but he had his reasons for everything he liked and he was clear and concise and just head and shoulders above everyone else in G4.

He introduced me to Sly Cooper years back since he always gushed about it. So he'll always be a good guy in my book.

He's gonna be sorely sorely sorely* missed at G4. Let's hope he lands somewhere good.

KonaBro2188d ago

Sessler was the last little bit of integrity and dignity they had left at G4. With him gone, we get to see all of the personalities whore themselves out for a quick buck. G4 is dead. :/

LOGICWINS2188d ago

@KonaBro- Please, step off your high horse for a second. A whore is anyone who sells their body for money..hence, most human beings are whores(whether they crunch numbers in a cubicle or dance on a stripper pole).

VanguardOfCalamity2188d ago

Best thing G4 has done to date...

"here's my impression.. of life at big Adam's House" lol XD

still think Kevin is funny too (sometimes)

LOGICWINS2188d ago

^^Kevins a good T.V personality, so is that blonde chick with the huge boobs. But the channel is straying away from gaming more and more.

Most likely, G4 will become an online only experience in the near future. Everything is in the archives anyways.

Outside_ofthe_Box2188d ago

***"A whore is anyone who sells their body for money..hence, most human beings are whores"***

lol wow. Someone doesn't know what "sell your body" means.

I bet you think there isn't anything wrong with a guy a "sleeping" with another woman despite having a girlfriend. I mean what's the harm in sleeping eh? Most human beings sleep right?

Besides, work on your definitions bro..


BlackPrince 422188d ago

I'm glad he's leaving. G4 doesn't deserve him or most of the people who work in their games division.

If it weren't for all the great people working on their website I'd have written off the whole network years ago.

Human Analog2188d ago

@LOGICWINS.... On one side you are correcting people on their use of the word WHORE. Then in your next reply you refer to "the blonde chick with huge boobs" You are an idiot. It is people like you who degrade the integrity of gamers, and our culture. Thank you... You are an A+ Hole.

Awesome_Gamer2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

He will be sorley missed, what a great guy :(

Awesome_Gamer2187d ago

Sorry but i had to say that i got some name mixed, adam sessler is the worst X360 fanboy of all-time, nobody will miss him

ReservoirDog3162187d ago

@ above

How? His favorite games are Uncharted 2, Sly Cooper and Ratchet and Clank. And Ghost n Goblins.

But his all time favorite is Uncharted 2. How's that make him a fanboy of anything?

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Christopher2188d ago

I can't say I shared the same views as Sessler all the time, but I can say that he seemed to be the only one who stuck to his guns and didn't flip flop. And, instead of making jokes, he was mostly about being serious about games.

Honestly, he's probably hit that too old for the market of G4TV and I hope he finds a new home elsewhere. I honestly haven't watched G4TV in ages because everytime I flip to it, it has absolutely nothing to do with gaming. Unless it's E3 week, that is.

Parasyte2188d ago

I completely agree with you. I had a feeling this was coming when he stepped down as host of Feedback.

For me, Feedback has sucked every since. Hell, G4 as a whole has been going down hill since they jumped on the reality show bandwagon.

nnotdead2188d ago

i thought the same thing Parasyte. really haven't watched the show since.

TENTONGUN2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

g4 suck ass and so does everyone on the network. i remember when g4 used to be an all video games channel. they merged with tech tv(in came sessler) and then it was the only fkn video game show left on the network. i dont know why any gamer still cares about g4. i say good for sessler, leave and find a better job man.
anyways dude, is everyone suppost to have the same taste and opinions as you? i think he has a serious love for games, me as well so i respect the man.

BlackTar1872188d ago

I miss the show where they had the clans playing each other for prizes. The hosts were kinda nutz but i do miss actual Video game TV

TENTONGUN2188d ago

dude i was the biggest dork back then. i never changed the channel, seriously. i would kill for a all videogame channel now. veg out rather than research on the pc ya know

BlackTar1872187d ago

@ ten

Yea it was awesome i remember we and my buddies used to watch that show in particular and would always be like we could woop these guys(Probably can't)but now its just stuff that some gamers may like that have really nothing to do with gaming.

ATi_Elite2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I never cared too much for him or the show!

Although I appreciate what X-Play has meant to Gamers as a long running Game review and preview show Sessler and the Show were just too commercial for me.

X-Play sold out a long time ago!

I always liked the other show on G4TTV that actually had the two guys reviewing games that actually worked on video games and were really in the industry! They never held back and kept it real. (forget the show and their names....too lazy to Google right now)

I like that he may consult movie studios on game to movie adaptations but it only works if the studio and director listen.

Oh P.S. Sarah Underwood and Candace Bailey are HOT!!

JD_Shadow2187d ago

You're thinking of Judgement Day. It had Victor Lucas (don't know what he did in the industry) and Tommy Tameraco (sp?) (he worked with Shiny Games).

They did Electric Playground, as well, but I never watched that show.

MEsoJD2188d ago

He was one of the only people on techtv/g4 that usually knew what they were talking about, when it came to games. I wish him the best.

CanadianTurtle2187d ago

Have you idiots seen the sesslers soapbox episodes? This man knows what hes talking about when it comes to gaming

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Snookies122188d ago

Wow, that's sucky... I always kinda liked him and he's been there forever.

v1c1ous2188d ago

Well there goes the last bit of integrity G4 had.

i guess this means one more hour of COPS reruns

MidnytRain2187d ago

You're right, G4 was on life support entertainment wise for a while now. With Adam Sessler gone, there's little reason to tune to the channel and little reason to be upset about DirecTV not carrying them anymore. I sincerely look forward to Sessler's future projects. Cheers.

NukaCola2188d ago

Thank you so much. G4 is a cancer and has gone down hill for ages now. Adam is way too smart for the station, hell too smart for anyone. He is a certified genius. I loved watching his Soapbox and Feedback episodes online. I learn so much about non gaming related things. He could relate Halo or Uncharted to Mozart or a philosopher and just Ben Stein the hell out of us all. I hope and wish for the best, wherever he chooses to go.

UnSelf2188d ago

Adam held G4 on his shoulders

solar2188d ago

Adam is a god imo when it comes to video game reviews. He tells it like it is and he feels geniune when he talks about video games. Other then giving perfect review scores for games, which my opinion should be as rare as seeing a giant squid, he was alright in my book. I loved it when he lambasted comments of ps3 extremists bitching about x-plays 5/5 score. LoL!!! Great stuff.

Kyosuke_Sanada2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

X-Play is officialy dead then, not to say that the game show wasn't just a soulless beast since the channel name change.

I remember when the show used to be awesome with it's great game reviews and funny skits to go with it (especially Devil Summoner Silent Theatre which draws a laugh from me to this day). Now it's a shadow of what it use to be which makes me sad that he is leaving on this note but it is what's best for him.

I miss ZDTV/Tech TV, Screen Savers, Anime Unleashed and Arena....:(

ronin4life2188d ago

Yes... -_-;
I miss those days too.

LOGICWINS2188d ago

Remember when Kristin Holt became host of Cheat? The dreams I had about her were dirty.

clearelite2188d ago

now we are in somewhat of an agreement,

Kristin(or kirsten?) Holt was hot, as was morgan vebb(intentional), etc.

I miss those girls, along with cinematech, when Xplay used to be good/funny, attack of the show used to be decent, etc.

memmmmmoriiiiies.... :/

TheStorm2188d ago

Agreed when it was Gamespot TV it was just a beacon of great journalism. I remember I would cling to every word he said. Though not always agreeing with him, he just was a great journalist. G4 has been a joke since it's inception and I've always been sad to see him surround himself with many of them there.

Agent_00_Revan2188d ago

While I like Morgan Webb, Sessler and X-Play were better before she got there.

dboyman2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I agree. Ever since they merged Tech TV/ZDTV with G4 everything went downhill. I miss shows like the Screensavers with Leo Laporte, Sarah, and others. There wasn't just shows about games, don't get me wrong I like such shows, but TechTV offered variety like learning about tech and tech news. I learned a lot from those shows. Plus had Anime Unleashed. But after the merger I knew things like this happening would eventually come to pass.

Adam at times make have been odd and unique at G4, but he had interesting and unique points of view about gaming and the industry. He wasn't afarid to tell how it is especially truths about the industry, and pointed out games if they were actually good, mediocre, or just plain bad. I wish him the best of luck...

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mike1up2188d ago

I wonder which Boothbabe reject G4 will get to replace him?

Kurylo3d2188d ago

i prefer the boothbabe reject.