PS3 & Xbox 360 Graphics Superseded By Smartphone & Tablets

The graphics of Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 are set to be superseded by new graphic cards being developed for smartphones and tablets according to graphics company Nvidia.

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Skywalker12341941d ago

who cares pc overtook consoles 6 years ago when the GEN STARTED........

multimedia devices should, it really has no impact on gaming

MAJ0R1941d ago

You will get disagrees but everything you said was factual.

3GenGames1941d ago

In 2006, a tri-core 3.2Ghz processor was unheard of. Plus, the graphics card was better than anything then, too. No, it was the better piece of hardware when released. Yes, time has caught up, but there's no facts to be had in that statement.

GamingTruth1941d ago

yet i have yet to see anything on pc that looks as cgi ish as ps3 exclusives so i guess its not factual

vulcanproject1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Maybe you see the statement as inflammatory 3GenGames but the little in order execution Tri Core CPU in Xbox 360 was no real match for the AMD Athlon 64 dual cores around when 360 launched.

For a start the out of order execution on the PC chips gave it a massive advantage. The Athlon 64 X2 4800+ just for a quick comparison were over 230 million transistors, Xenon is a 165 million transistor CPU. Quite a small Tri core. The Athlon is really streets ahead.

Secondly, 360's GPU was architecturally quite advanced for its time. It was a great design no question. But it wasn't as fast as the best setups on PC. Generally X1800XT launched prior beat it comfortably in all the early games, Oblivion, Quake 4, COD2 etc etc.

This is besides the fact you could have a pair of X1800's in crossfire. It is a fact even before 360 launched it was outgunned by top level PC hardware.

As for you GamingTruth, your username is surely the most irony i can stand for today.

MAJ0R1941d ago


Your not fooling anyone except yourself(if you are serious, but I think your just trolling) lol

Ulf1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

In terms of hardware, everything vulcanproject stated above is correct.

Hardware is never the whole picture, however. It took a couple years for PC gaming to exceed console gaming, thanks to the PC lowest common denominator, and the severe inferiority of generic software driver interfaces relative to specific hardware drivers and APIs.

On mobile devices, the software issue is compounded by the OS, and often the development language for games (i.e. Java or Objective C) -- mobile GPUs, even if they could match the consoles (which they won't be able to for years), couldn't hope to be so fast as to overcome the software hurdles and actually perform in line with today's consoles -- not for a long time.

Maybe never, thanks to battery/heat/electron loss issues at small fab sizes. No one will ever bother to manufacture a phone GPU that needs a giant heatsink, or needs a wallet-sized battery to operate for more than an hour.

vulcanproject1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )


"In terms of hardware, everything vulcanproject stated above is correct.

Hardware is never the whole picture, however. It took a couple years for PC gaming to exceed console gaming, thanks to the PC lowest common denominator"

I only partially agree, mainly because for pretty much the entire first year of 360's lifespan, most of the best looking 360 games were multiformat titles. As in also on PC, which with the superior hardware were of course better looking....

I think that Oblivion was probably the best looking 360 game up until Gears of War launched, but the PC version of Oblivion was clearly superior.

Up until Gears of War, PC still led with the best looking version of the best looking game then IMO.

After the first Gears i think a fair few PC games could lay claim to being pretty good looking. For example Lost Planet launching on PC about 6 months after Gears and having DX10, running that in 1080p on the PC platform (no easy feat) at least put it on par with Gears on the 360 platform for me- if not ahead.

But is was really when Crysis arrived a year later it was fairly obvious by then PC had comfortably exceeded either console visually, software wise.

sikbeta1940d ago

Ugh, I guess people still don't get it, it's the same with these future smartphones and tablets, yes! tech will be there and will surpass other HW, but support and budget of the same size as Consoles will not be there at all, 90% the current gen games are created with console in mind and then ported to PC, so much for "teh powerful graphicz"

badz1491940d ago

"But is was really when Crysis arrived a year later it was fairly obvious by then PC had comfortably exceeded either console visually, software wise."

funny that you have to mention Crysis where there were only a handful of people that could run it at its finest setting when it launched in 2007 and stayed that way for several months, thus the "can it run Crysis" joke was made! I won't say THAT as "comfortably" as you said it!

and to be fair to the consoles, there was no single game on PC that look as good as Uncharted 2 & 3 in 2006! of course pc game can be displayed natively at 1080p at that time but in term of looks, nothing beats 720p Uncharted in 2006 on pc!

Spydiggity1940d ago

i doubt he's trolling. there are a TON of delusional people that believe that nonsense.

i'm all for smart phones getting more powerful, of course; but i'm a bit puzzled about how they'll control the heat at this point in time. my Droid X gets really hot when i just play sudoku on it.

Mrmagnumman3571940d ago

Gaming Truth... Your Sony glasses is blocking your vision. PS3 exclusives are impressive, but nothing compared to some pc games.

T9001940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )


8800GTX was out by the time Crysis released. 8800GTX was one of the best selling GPUs from Nvidia ever. Infact many people are using it today too. 4 years into its life its still trucking along out performing consoles in about every game.

8800GTX could easily play crysis in high settings in 1080p and extreme settings in 720p. Crysis in those settings still blows anything out the water conosles have to offer today.

Lets just say Crysis was sent back in time :P its mission to point and laugh at whatever tech marketed as next gen had to offer and it will carry on doing that until the end of this gen :P

jony_dols1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Whats the point in having all that mobile power under the hood, when iOS & Android devs are incapable of taking advantage of it?

When I see a game of the graphical qualities Uncharted 3 or Gears 3 on a mobile platform; then I'll be impressed.

And if or when they do ever reach that point, the next wave consoles will be have already been released.

SuperM1940d ago

Its true that PC hardware is always more powerfull then console hardware. After all console hardware is pc hardware and they never use the most advanced hardware because that would cost to much

However try use a 6 years old top of the line PC and play some modern games. The PC will struggle running the game at all and will look nowhere near as good as the console version. Console hardware can perform atleast twice as good as similar pc hardware so on a graphical level the statement is wrong

A pc from 2006 does not perform as well as current gen consoles in games

T9001940d ago


What part of 8800GTX outperforming consoles do you not understand?

8800GTX was released before the PS3. Till date it plays most games out in 1080p, PS3 or Xbox 360 barely play 5% of their games in 1080p.

So no a PC from 2006 equipped with a 8800GTX will easily outperform any console, its that simple.

DeadlyFire1940d ago

Umm...Doesn't PowerVR 6 plan to do that in 2012/2013. Why would we wait for NVIDIA?

miyamoto1940d ago

If I were a smart gaming company I will invest in games that plays well with out the need for button mashing game play yet benefits from high end graphics on portable devices like RPGs, turn based RTS, puzzle games, etc. But can be mirrored wireless on huge screens anywhere.

It is wise for Sony and Nintendo to nurture their games IP department. because they have lots of trojan horses in the mobile games arena.

Soon the tablet will be the center of all things digital- consumption or production.

I have a feeling the next PlayStation is just like a PS vita.

vulcanproject1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

@ badz149, T900 has mostly covered it but as you replied to me i'll point out that it is fairly obvious Crysis doesn't need to be on its very ultimate settings to outstrip the consoles. Mix of medium/high is enough to blatantly see how much better it looks on PC and how much better it looks than anything console, there are enough comparison videos around after the console port to prove that...

By the time Crysis actually launched in November 2007, 8800GTX (then the ultra) had been out a year and that manages high settings, and 8800GT launched prior to Crysis too.

Countless 8800GT's were sold because of Crysis. Its pretty clear within a couple months a vast amount of people could run Crysis at settings above anything the current consoles have achieved.

Finally Uncharted 2 and 3 didn't launch in 2006. Did they? Uncharted 1 actually launched 3 days AFTER Crysis.....

Uncharted 2 didn't launch until TWO YEARS after Crysis, as good as it looked on PS3, it was still absolutely no match for Crysis on maximum settings which by then even more people could play on PC. I should know, i still own both games.

morganfell1940d ago

In other news:

"The latest in swipe pad and phone controls superseded by decade old controller design"

gatormatt801940d ago

@ vulcanproject, Referring to what badz149 said about Uncharted 2 and 3 looking better than anything that was out on PC in 06, my initial reaction was like yours. But then I thought since the tech in the PS3 is from 2006 his argument is I suppose somewhat valid. I think that's the message he was trying to relay.

Me personally, I don't have a dog in this fight, I go wherever the games are.

badz1491939d ago

gatormatt80 got my point. to say that Uncharted games look better than Crysis is plain out STUPID but in 2006, there's no game looking as good as Uncharted released 2007, 2009 and 2011 using the outdated 2006 tech!

vulcanproject1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Your argument is ridiculous badz in context. Right at the start of this thread, it was discussed about when PC software caught up with console software. We were talking about software advancement. I mentioned Crysis.

Then you came out, and talked about Uncharted 2 which regardless of what hardware it is running on and how old it is (that was NEVER the point when i first spoke of Crysis), arrived AFTER Crysis on PC, i.e the point being PC software was well ahead visually by then.

All you are doing is massively reinforcing my point by highlighting it also took years for even PS3 software to advance to Uncharted 2's level, and by then, Crysis had easily surpassed it on PC years before anyway!

"there's no game looking as good as Uncharted released 2007, 2009 and 2011 using the outdated 2006 tech"-

Fact is you could run Crysis (a 2007 game) on 2006 hardware no problem (this has already been pointed out in this thread multiple times), you could run Crysis so it looked better than UC2 or 3 on hardware that came out BEFORE PS3 arrived, the 8800GTX!

This basically renders what you said useless TBH. So Uncharted 2, a game out years AFTER Crysis, doesn't look as good (as you admit) as Crysis on PC hardware out BEFORE PS3 hardware.

Get it? Got it? Good.

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Lazy_Sunday1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Technically smartphones haven't superseded console graphics, since they can't yet play at least 600px height resolution games at 30FPS. Tablets? Yeah, I'd say the iPad 3 could outperform a console, if you had about 6-10GB of space per game and the patience to either download or sync it to the device.

Yes, gaming PCs were already better than gaming consoles at their release--albeit an equal rig would cost you around $800-1000, PCs were indeed more advanced. Stop disagreeing with the truth, you just make us all look bad.

vulcanproject1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

It is true. They don't run the resolution for the most part just yet. Vita doesn't and that is a very powerful mobile device specified for gaming. Uncharted on it isn't native resolution either. It is something like 720 x 408 which is only about a third of the Uncharted native 1280 x 720p games on PS3.

Smartphones won't be able to beat current console visuals just yet because of the problem of battery performance and heat. Even now you can't create a chipset with the outright grunt of the consoles that won't suck the battery dry in half an hour or so and melt the case!

While the gap has closed right up and mobile chipsets offer really impressive performance for their size and power consumption, it'll probably be about 2 years until we can say there is genuine mobile performance that duffs up these consoles comprehensively, resolution and raw fillrate.

It will take one more generation shrink, down to maybe 22nm and we will see it. But by then, there is little doubt we will have new consoles and the catch up cycle will begin again.

SuperM1940d ago

Ipad 3 is not even as powerful as the Vita. There is no way it could outperform the consoles.

Strange_Evil1940d ago

^^^ iPad 3 has the same GPU as the PS Vita... It's not similar or like, IT'S THE SAME QUAD CORE GPU... So I dunno where you are going with this argument.

Lazy_Sunday1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

iPad 3's chipset is designed to run at a resolution over twice that of the typical rendering capacity of a modern console game. No, an iPad 3 could not run games like Battlefield 3 and Skyrim at 1500p even with the proper coding, so don't fret. But, if someone had the patience to code and develop an AAA game for the iOS and ran it around 600p natively the truth is that it would indeed outperform current gen consoles. However, the problem with that is the iTunes Store/App Store servers aren't a fast enough delivery service for full featured large AAA games, and even with massive compression popular titles such as L4D2 and Skyrim book in around 6-10GB. Not to forget to mention that it's tech is completely different from the familiarity of the PS3s or 360s, and to even have it compete or have a game's translation to the PS3 or 360's graphical capability would be years away when the speculated PS4 and NextBox will be inhabiting the market.

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bakasora1940d ago

Oh great. Because my toaster was superseded micro oven.

mysterym1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

You cook toast in a microwave?

Hayabusa 1171940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

You guys crack me up this sometimes. This is why I still read the comments on N4G.

Valkyre1940d ago

And yet 6 years later uber awesome PC gamers enjoy playing console designed games in higher resolution lol.

Its like they are playing some HD collection. They have so much power with their hardware and all they use it for is to play console designed games. No new graphics technology, no huge leaps. Why? Because next gen consoles are not out yet.

So enjoy your benchmark machine. Hopefully soon when new consoles arrive you will start exploiting some of your machine's potential when new engine are going to be released.

Oh and guess what... these engines are going to be designed mainly for consoles. Which means more bottlenecks for you PC graphics whores out there...

but hey.... you got mods!

madjedi1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Actually the modding aspect, is the one thing that pc can state as a real bragging point over consoles, at least to me anyway.

I'd rather be able to mod single player console games than just turning the graphics settings on uber high. But the only thing you really hear from alot of pc gamer is them bragging about resolution and graphics.

Isn't ray tracing supposed to be the next big thing in graphics, i think even high cards can't do it or couldn't as of a few yrs ago.

I think gaming on pc can only go 2 ways either higher end graphics or open world games with destruction like battlefield does only better. With better ai, physic ect. (It's a generalisation), but can't think of how it could be considered untrue.

But till you have some sort of virtual reality, pc and consoles will probably playing similar if not the same games, albeit on different lvls.