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Penny Arcade’s Extra Credits Episode On Harassment Is a Brilliant Call to Action

A One More Level writer takes a look at the newest Extra Credits episode and how it accurately handles the issue of harassment in the community... (Culture, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

jeeves86  +   907d ago
I always thought of Extra Credits to be overly preachy, but their idea of auto-muting players who have had a history of being muted is a good one, and would be a good start if implemented.
Strongmad  +   906d ago
I feel sorry for xbox live users, racism and sexism should earn you a temp ban at console ID level not just gamer tag. Mute should be standard for all players not on an approved list. Im glad I'm a PC player where we we as a community have better control & tools over these idiots.
IvyWinter  +   906d ago
I agree. I play multiplayer on both PC and Xbox. When I've played Left4Dead on multiplayer on my PC, not only did I appreciate the better control, I also realized... I never had to use it. The community was so mature and welcoming, i never had an issue. On my Xbox, it is a whole different story.

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