Lian Li answers cries from Xbox 360 owners


"We popped along to see Lian Li this morning and it had one of the more interesting cases that we've seen during this year's Consumer Electronics Show, and this one isn't for PCs – it's for Xbox 360 owners.

The company has designed an all aluminium Xbox 360 replacement enclosure that lives up to Lian Li's reputation for quality and sleek, stylish design. The chassis was a prototype, but it contained a fully-functional Xbox 360 on which I had time to do a quick race in PGR4.

Of course, you're going to have to pull your Xbox 360 out of its original case, which means that your warranty will be void. But with that said, Lian Li's solution is a vast improvement over the Xbox 360 chassis' cooling, which means that it will be a much quieter design and overheating should be less of an issue as well.

Lian Li's representatives said that, due to the prototype case's design, there is the chance for end users to replace the Xbox 360 hard drive with something cheaper and larger too, because Microsoft's drives aren't exactly good value for money when it comes to pounds per gigabyte."

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gamesR4fun3963d ago

if they console ban you for changing a fan what chance have you got with this?

BrianC62343963d ago

That's an interesting thought. Can they detect it?

As for doing this, is it a good idea? The big problem the 360 has is a poor design from the start. The case is a big problem. The heat isn't able to get out and causes problems. A new case could fix the RROD problem. But the 360 now has a three year warranty. This will kill that. What if you end up with the RROD anyway? Then you're out the money for the case and the 360. Maybe Lian Li can make a deal with Microsoft to sell a custom 360 with their case and a warranty.

bym051d3963d ago

Those cries you hear are in dismay. The 360 looks better in its own case... and with a functional warranty.

BrianC62343963d ago

But this isn't about looking good. It's about keeping the 360 from dying. Would you rather have a dead 360 in a nice looking case or a 360 that runs without crashing?

Too bad Microsoft didn't just do a better job designing their case. The PS3 was designed to keep it cool and it looks nice too. I can feel heat coming out the side but it runs quiet and the heat isn't inside where it can do damage. Maybe the new processor in the 360 will help. It will use less power and will be smaller. But I don't know. IS the heatsink a lot smaller? From what I've read the heatsink is crammed inside the 360 and the heat just can't get out fast enough.

sypen3963d ago

Thats f**ken ugly, I have a PC and its much better then a 360, WTF would i want to spend money on a faulty console and buy a PC case for it void the warranty and possibly get banned on Xbox live.

Hypnotic3963d ago

That case isn't going to sit very well under my tv stand. Not very practical if you ask me.

ravinash3963d ago

MS shouldn't kick you off the system because of this.
If you change the casing and void your warrenty, then fair enough...but kicking you off the system is harsh.
Mind you, when they want to force you to use their softwar, and buy their add ons and use their hard drives....maybe it isn't surprising.

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW3963d ago

A mod like this is undetectable. Granted, you'll have voided your warranty by making the mod, but MS and XBL would be none the wiser.

BrianC62343963d ago

How do you know what's undetectable? You have no idea of what they did when the designed the 360. It's possible they have a sensor that expects a certain tempature and if it's a lot cooler it will say the 360 was modded. Maybe it's undetectable, maybe not. You just don't know.

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW3963d ago

Well, one indicator is that people have been successfully modding their 360 cases since launch. I remember reading about a real slick liquid-cooled + acrylic window mod from a long while back.

Another indicator is that if such a sensor did exist, the hardware hackers would have found it by now.

The only type of logging that I've heard of in regard to the 360 is a table of average startup times for games. Pirated (burned) games generally start up faster than normal ones, so if MS detects an average below a certain threshold, then they declare that 360 to be modded (firmware modded).

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