Wii version of Bionic Commando a possibility

Speaking to in an interview to be published on the site later today, Ben Judd said that a Wii version of the sequel to the 1988 NES original would largely depend on how much Bionic Commando's fans want it.

"If the interest is there, of course we want as many people as possible to appreciate this great franchise."

Some Wii-owners have expressed their disappointment that the game isn't currently being developed for Nintendo's motion-sensing controller, with a feeling that the Spiderman-esque swing mechanic would be well suited to the Wii Remote.

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ChickeyCantor3967d ago

Hell yeah i want one but its raped anyway but yes more games are welcome.

wiizy3967d ago

keep it coming. the wii will be the winner this generation so keep the games coming

CNIVEK3967d ago

...and it would be the sh1ttiest version of the 3 consoles, by far. Spider-man 3 for the Wii, anyone? :o

Wii60PS3DSPSP3967d ago

Um... Spiderman 3 sucked period no matter what system it was on.

CNIVEK3966d ago

...but reviewers ALL agreed that the Wii version was BY FAR the sloppiest, and ugliest version of the 3 ; the highly-touted Wii controls were some of the worst ever conceived for a game.

Green-Hag3967d ago

What for? The parents will not buy this game for their kids. Only the poor hardcore gamers who cannot afford Xbox360 or PS3 may purchase it.

Durffen3967d ago

It would be awesome to have Bionic Commando come to Wii, the only problem is, if it does, I want the Developers to push Wii in every asset for this game, and not do some cheap, crap looking, and crap playing port.