STALKER 2 is dead; Long live Survarium, a free-to-play MMOFPS, spiritual successor to STALKER

DSOGaming writes: "And we saw that coming. Even though the STALKER 2 team was reassuring us that STALKER 2 would not be cancelled, we knew that wasn’t the truth. So, PC gamers, say goodbye to STALKER 2 and hello to Survarium. Survarium is what STALKER 2 was meant to be and can be considered as the spiritual successor to the first STALKER. The game is developed by Vostok Games, as GSC GameWorld has closed its doors and is no more. Oh, and this is no more a Single Player game but a free-to-play MMOFPS."

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NYC_Gamer2397d ago

Wow,i'm just disappointed.STALKER 2 dies and now they're working on some F2p piece of garbage...Thank goodness for 4A games and Metro...

ATi_Elite2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Being S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fan #1 I'm actually Happy!!

I knew GSC was going through some restructuring as I have been in contact with Oleg but I didn't know exactly about this!!!

I'm happy cause the premise, engine, gameplay, and basically everything that made STALKER great will continue on with DEVS who only want to work on the PC or who want the PC platform to be the lead thus allowing Survarium to become bigger and more ambitious than the already awesome STALKER!

I'm sure some console fans will rape me with disagrees but STALKER 2 was gonna be on consoles (this or next Gen) and I'm tired of my great PC titles being dumbed down for consoles.

*See Crysis 2 for proof and even Battlefield 3 had many issues cause of consoles being involved*

STALKER Call of Pripyat and it's Gold Standard A-Life A.I. played very much like a MMO anyway once the story was completed so this should be no big deal for fans of the series.

The A-Life A.I. did everything you did so competing with real humans instead of NPC's for artifacts and resources will just be a little more challenging thus bringing more excitement to the game!

STALKER has spawned the awesome Metro 2033 and now Survarium and I'm sure we will see STALKER 2 sometime in the future cause the game has such a large following and the Franchise sold very well.

I'm just happy that near the end of 2013 I will get a STALKER type game from the STALKER Devs and it will be all on the PC or at least PC specific instead of a STALKER game dumbed down for consoles.

So I'm very happy about this new game and to be honest the MMO and F2p format has taken over the PC. It's the perfect business model that has Piracy on the decline while continuing to generate massive amounts of revenue that will eclipse ALL 3 consoles combined buy 2015! The MMO has evolved tremendously from World of Warcraft and an:

Open World, Survival FPS with Physics and realistic ballistics plus prone and lean mechanics / RPG that includes eating, sleeping, factions, and game effecting decision making, MMO is just what we need! STALKER was the ABSOLUTE best of both worlds combining a realistic FPS with an invigorating RPG and I'm sure Survarium will step up the quality 10 fold.

The award winning, genre innovative, Mod friendly, STALKER Series will be missed:

STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl
STALKER Call of Pripyat

and for maybe the last time............"Get out of here STALKER"!?

Oh P.S. Sergei the owner of STALKER, Cossacks, and the GSC studio has just pretty much drove the company into the ground and wasted so much of his cash. Sergei Grigoravich is the ONLY reason that STALKER has been having so many problems. The guy has wasted all the millions and millions of dollars he made from the Cossacks and STALKER games and has become a business liability that no one wants to work with him. The Dev team outta respect for the fans finally left his dumb ass and now we have Survarium much the same way so many other Devs left to form 4A studios and Metro 2033!

NYC_Gamer2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

It's sad to see a cult classic like STALKER just die/fade away in the sand....was all hyped from all the tweets of the game not being scrapped and being worked all of us fans find out the horrible truth today...I'd much rather the studio work on some rich single player game instead of some online F2p mmo to be honest..

wallis2397d ago

But a free to play mmofps? Really?

Stalker needed to step towards AAA style development not away from it. In the age of kickstarter it makes no sense to drive such a great game the way of crappy mmo's. Stalker was a graphically intense hardcore computer stressing game that gave you a beautiful live world to live in. People RUIN atmosphere and mmo's suffer so badly from basic development issues I don't see how they could ever replicate the real Stalker experience as an mmo.

A drop in drop out style co-op? Maybe but that is again just another step towards AAA style development a la borderlands. I appreciate the difficulty in dealing with the stalker franchise and I love the potential for a spiritual sequel (what I hoped metro would be instead of a linear shooter) but why a freaking f2p mmofps? Jesus Christ this is like finding out your favourite model of car is out of stock but it's okay the same company is designing push bikes.

They should have gone to kickstarter with a stalker style single player fps. They nailed the formula for stalker call of pripyat - all it needed was a new engine, a few more tweaks, and more content and we'd have ourselves a cracking sequel. There's no way under this sort of extremely tenuous financial period in their lives will they be able to set up the infrastructure necessary to deliver a graphically intense huge real stalker mmo fps - and that's ignoring inherent design issues like keeping that lonely atmosphere in a world with a twelve year old asking to joing your f*cking guild. Clear skies messed up so badly by over populating the world - humans will only bring tea bagging and exploits breaking immersion even further than AI that walks backwards into your bullets.

wallis2397d ago


Man... this just sucks.

FarCryLover1822397d ago

:( I will be frowning all week now. WOW. Didn't except this shocker.

dredgewalker2397d ago

Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Someone else please pick up this game and finish it!

Pandamobile2397d ago

They already are. It's called Survarium

dredgewalker2396d ago

No it ain't, it's more of spiritual successor to Stalker than an actual sequel. Seems that the license for the Stalker game is still with GSC.

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