Teen Strangles Father With Gamepad Cable

Gizmodo writes:
"A 18-year-old was arrested this week after trying to kill his father strangling him with the cable of his videoconsole gamepad. While the videogame console brand hasn't been disclosed yet, the police has been able to establish the circumstances that lead to the almost surrealistic (but strangely understandable) murder attempt."

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crazy250003993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

kids these days need a beating once in a son ever tries that with me id beat him with his own wires

ChickeyCantor3993d ago

Some kids, not all and lets not forget he was 18, by law you are mature enough.

That he tried killing his own dad like that just shows how sick the dude mentally is.

ISay3992d ago

always get wireless, lesson learned

lynx1halo3993d ago

That DAMN Power BRICK of theirs can double as a home defense weapon

Poisen3993d ago

I agree with the writer of this article..." I don't approve of his actions, nor do I think I could do something like that but there are times when I have gone so far in a game and then somehow the power cuts or you lose you save game. I just freak out and start shouting at the nearest person...just shouting and hitting my controller on the side of my bed...I would never attack someone.

crazy250003993d ago

when i was about to beat FF7.....the disc was scratched so the game froze.....hours and hours wasted......i think my wall and i had a disagreement that day =)

Poisen3993d ago

Lol. It happened to me during the ending scene of Biohock...just being passed the key...ERROR. I was more shocked than angry. I almost cried...
In the end I had to watch the video on Youtube.

crazy250003993d ago

lol omg.....back then i didnt have youtube, had to do it all over again, this time i cleaned the disc so it played smoothly.....that was smart though, going to youtube to watch the video ;)

The-Director3993d ago

that's the beauty of checkpoints , your game will be saved automatically !!

and even if the game doesn't have checkpoints , there are always save points , I mean how much progress he really lost with save points and checkpoints very much every where in any game !!

I think the kid was angry because of the action itself , not that he lost his progress

Neurotoxin3993d ago

Should have gone wireless, not only do you get the benefits of Wireless transmissions through your brain, you also remove the threat of being strangled.

...The future is wireless.... and possibly cancerous tumors.

Poisen3993d ago

Lol, nice one. Probably would have beat his dad with the controller though.

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The story is too old to be commented.