Eurogamer Contra 4 Review

If you have any nostalgic feelings for the Contra series at all, you're going to feel right at home with Contra 4. For one, it's hard. Brutally hard. Just like the original Contra titles, there's very little leeway for mistakes (you die on collision with virtually everything) and success is simply a matter of rote-learning the levels and then using your memory (and dexterity) to make your way through the levels doing your best to never, ever lose a life. Much like as in Konami's Gradius series, the minute you lose your power-ups, you might as well give up completely.

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hotrider123992d ago

it would be super great if konami or wayward co. make contra on ps2 or ps3

PS360WII3992d ago

as long as it's a 2d side scroller I have no problems to where it goes.

As for Contra 4 on DS it kicks arse ^^