Flash memory to be killed off by 2012?

After around 2012, flash memory will have reached its physical limitations and manufacturers will have to look to alternative technologies to further increase solid state capacities.

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Vip3r3996d ago

Isn't the world to be killed off by 2012?

socomnick3995d ago

I think thats when the Aztec calendar ends so supposibly thats when the world ends.

UnblessedSoul3996d ago

no thats when the olympics start

mikeslemonade3996d ago

There's a place for both. Some people would do fine with 128GB of flash space and wouldn't need 5 terabyte drive.

Lord Anubis3996d ago

NAND is a form of Flash but its not dieng any time soon. It's bound to replace the hard drive.

rbanke3995d ago

i still dont even use up a 20 gb hard drive...

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