Reset trailer shows off ludicrously beautiful puzzle game

PC puzzler Reset gets a debut trailer, composed entirely of in-game footage – and it’s a stunning, beautiful thing.

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theeg2007d ago

hmmmmm, sounds intresting

PixL2007d ago

Ok, so where's that in-game footage? The clip here is a CGI trailer (a nice one).

LewisDenby2007d ago

From the developers: "Everything you see in the trailer is straight from the in-game engine, no up-ressed textures, geometry or effects. What you see is what you will get."

caboose322007d ago

"Pre-alpha footage"

Sorry, it's not CGI.

raytraceme2007d ago

This is pc where you honestly get what you see. Unlike consoles where gameplay trailer or even footage is off from what you get.

Best looking exclusive for 2012 probably ;)