Come to IGN Friday For A Huge PS3 Announcement

Are you excited? You should be.

Let's keep this short and sweet. If you're a PlayStation 3 gamer, you're going to want to come to IGN early Friday for news on a major, unannounced PS3 exclusive. We'll have all the details you crave shortly after midnight Pacific Friday morning. Just what will you be seeing? Naturally, there's only one way to find out.

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Akuma-2152d ago

I understand why a lot of non gamers hate Sony, because they don't like video games. They'd rather the sales data of consoles and games of xbox and Nintendo instead of more games

Abash2152d ago

It's PlayStation All Stars being announced from IGN, in other words IGN should just say "Pretend GTTV is NOT going to be the ones to announce the big game and we will be :D"

zeeshan2152d ago

Here we go again. Sony starts announcing stuff just before E3. I know they want to catch the hype but announcing stuff at E3 just makes it even more exciting!

001852152d ago

@zeeshan Sony's E3 conference will be all about PSvita, that's why they're announcing the PS3 games right now I think.

Hoje03082152d ago

I agree that Vita will take up a large part of it, but maybe they will also talk about PS4, though rumors point toward a TGS reveal. It makes sense not to have to market two products at once, but if they're planning on releasing in 2013, then E3 and TGS are their best options. I'm incredibly impatient, thus I'm hoping it's the former and not the latter.

morganfell2152d ago

It isn't just Sony. A lot of companies will be announcing and showing Vita titles. Some will be at the Sony Presser and some on their own.

BlindGuardian2152d ago

why is everyone so surprised?

Sony did the same things two years ago when they revealed Motorstorm 3, LBP 2 and another game that I can't remember in the weeks before E3

it's just so each game will get the proper attention and not get lost among all the E3 stuff

sikbeta2151d ago


There is nothing wrong with this, surely they're lttp but it's not like the announcement will not be widespread the minute GTTV unveils the game :P

SilentNegotiator2151d ago


Announcing lots of games before and then showing gameplay at E3 can be even more exciting, though.

MaxXAttaxX2151d ago

Announcing GOW or AllStars Battle Royale allows them to show us actual gameplay or gameplay trailer INSTEAD of just a teaser.

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Convas2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

First of all, what does this diatribe have to do with the topic at hand?

Second of all, you're only a gamer if you're buying or talking about Sony games?

Wow, talk about a narrow, conceited world view.

Hoje03082152d ago

I think he's just trying to address all the Sony haters out there. Whether or not you actually like the games they release, Sony is arguably responsible for the most varied catalog of games. Of course, you can appreciate this while being the exclusive owner of a competing console, but I think he was trying to get under the skin of the people that constantly bash Sony while conveniently ignoring what I've just mentioned.

SilentNegotiator2151d ago

"Second of all, you're only a gamer if you're buying or talking about Sony games? "

Clearly, you made that up. Because he said nothing of the sort.

He's taking a jab at all the playstation haters that justify their hate with sales figures of other systems. That's beyond obvious.

A-Glorious-Dawn2151d ago

This obviously struck a nerve with you...

sinncross2152d ago

I dont get it... wont this info be out from GT TV first?

I wonder... maybe IGN will have exclusive info on a character not revealed in the original GT reveal or something like that.

Or maybe... they have info on the last guardian.

Daver2152d ago

the game that IGN will reveal might not be from Sony.

Nodoze2152d ago

I could care less about the Vita. I certainly hope that it is NOT the focus of E3. If it is, I will have to look elsewhere for the good stuff.

I am excited to see what Nintendo brings to the table.


I don't get it... You mean whole E3 or Sony E3 conference?

Because I too hope Sony E3 conference would not focus too much on Vita, but more on PS3 (I'm just not that interested in portables anymore, nothing against the handheld per se), although I don't think this will be the case.

If you mean the whole E3... Well, obviously there'll be stuff for every platform out there, but chances are there'll be a lot of stuff to 3DS and Vita, since those are the new kids on the block (specially Vita, it is its first E3 on the market afterall).

I'm too interested to hear more about Ninty next console (as well as next boxes from MS and Sony, but Wii2 is a sure shower). But that's for another topic...

GribbleGrunger2152d ago

spoil the surprise for E3? come on now people, we all know what the real problem here is. why can't you just be 'surprised' when this game gets revealed now? because the real reason isn't to be surprised at E3, the real reason is most of you are obsessed with the idea that Sony should 'win' E3 and the more they reveal the less likely they can... in your eyes.

TheRealHeisenberg2152d ago

Good grief. A vast majority of N4G Sony Fans remind me of what Charles Barkley said about the Miami Heat last season. "They are just a whiny bunch."

Yes, it seems to me that you are whining. Let the games do the talking. Sony is providing them in abundance and that is all matters.

Silly gameAr2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

I don't now man. The people who jump on their high horses and whine about Sony fanboys are pretty bad too.

Ignore them. Problem solved. Why let it bother you so much.

On topic. Glad to see another game in the pipeline. Must be a big one if IGN are blowing their trumpets about it.

Septic2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

I'm sorry Akuma but what does your comment have to do with this topic?

It seems like an attempt to suck up to fellow SDF fanboys.

OT: Can't wait but I agree with a lot on here. Surely its better left for E3 where you reveal loads of amazing things at once. It just makes it more exciting xD

Septic2151d ago

What truth? The fact that I own all 3 consoles and play on my PS3 more than my 360?


Lol there is such a thing as having integrity and being objective. You little kids wouldn't understand that. After all, no doubt your parents buy your consoles and games for you right?

No what hurts is observing the kind of near religious allegiance you kids seem to have to these consoles and their manufacturers.

"Oh this is why I love Sony so much!"

"Gotta love Sony!"

* Shudder *

You kids need to grow up lol.

mobhit2151d ago

Having three consoles doesn't excuse you from being a fanboy. You seem bitter that someone would enjoy Sony products.

And don't call me a little kid. I was gaming before you were born.

himdeel2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

I REALLY hope it's not just the Title Fight game. I'm going to be really disappointed. Please be something exciting.

I'm guessing more remote play for Vita and additional features for PS3 software. Chrome of Ps3?!

EDIT: Got in my time machine and this is what I now know.
WOW! Every PS3 now comes with unlimited chimichangas!

SephirothX212151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

I'm interested to see what gpu the PS4 and 720 have. I hope they are close in power to the GTX 580. I doubt it but if AMD or Nvidia made a great gpu in bulk, they will lower the costs and by late 2013, a GTX 580 will probably be only 300 - 350 euro. Let's say we half 325 and then the cost is 162.5 for the gpu per console including mark up. They could have the console retailing between 400 - 500 euro at launch with very good specs by today's standards. That would let you get 1080p at 60fps on most games today even with high-res texture add on packs on max settings on pc.

3-4 gb 1600mhz ram, GTX 580 (close to), quad core cpu clocked at 3.5ghz, 300 - 500gb hdd and quality games. That's what I'm hoping for the next en consoles. I have a pc with better specs than that but consoles need to be better if devs are to take full advantage of pc hardware. I'm just hoping we see them release by late next year.

On topic, I'm looking forward to this announcement but the PS3 exclusives I'm really looking forward to are The Last Guardian, The Last of Us and Quantic Dream's next title. Also, where the hell are Agent and Versus XIII?

oricon2151d ago

@Akuma- That is the biggest fanboy comment i have seen on this site and its hilarious the amount of agrees you got.

Yeah Sony always usually announces most of their games before E3 its something i dislike because it dumbs down their conference since we already know most of their new games.

TheLastGuardian2151d ago

No joke, I actually had a 360 fanboy tell me he cares more about the 360 outselling the PS3 than he does about the 360 getting more exclusives. Non-gamers indeed.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232151d ago

i like how your saying people who don't own a playstation are not gamers. lol.

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Emilio_Estevez2152d ago

Another one, or adding on to the GTTV Thursday announcement?

Afterlife2152d ago

I think it's the same thing.

sinncross2152d ago

Are they seriously trying to hype an announcement which they will make a day after GTTV?

I mean, I almost want to believe it is not the same game as GTTV... but I cant...

torchic2152d ago

must have been a Greg Miller™ idea. only that guy..

Daver2152d ago

Who said Its a Sony title?

Nimblest-Assassin2152d ago

Its the same game... there announcement is right after GTTV finishes. So yeah, they are going to follow up on it.

Hellsvacancy2152d ago

Its ok IGN, ill just come to N4G later that day and see the flood of articles thatll pour in, both positive and negative

NastyLeftHook02152d ago

thats why i have a soft spot for sony and they are my favorite company because of things like this, they dont have to announce games every week or so, but they do, and thats something i respect as a gamer, and thats why im buying ps4, ps5, ps6, ps7 and so on...

MySwordIsHeavenly2152d ago

Bubbles and respect. That's exactly why I continue to follow Sony. They release more games than anyone...and GOOD games, at that.


Yeah, Sony is not a perfect company by any means, but it's indeed my favorite of the 3 and this is the very reason I'm always looking out for what are they doing: GAMES.

Liquid_Ocelot2152d ago

+bubbles as well. I agree with every word you just said. Sony supports their console and brings their games to us gamers even if it means losing some money. That's passion.

Mr_cheese2152d ago

You bubble whore lol. Bubble for you ;)

DeletedAcc2151d ago

Its bubble tiimee ;D

Ps: sony i will buy all your future consoles, too !!!

Adva2152d ago

Go to IGN to read up about a game GTTV is revealing?

Are they serious?