Call Of Duty Decline 'Blown Out Of Proportion' - Analyst

NowGamer: Black Ops 2 could still break sales records amid reports of dipping sales for Modern Warfare 3.

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TimmyShire1973d ago

There are few analysts I know by name, but Divnich always seems to know what he's talking about.

Patriots_Pride1973d ago

Dont think this game is going to sell as good as the previus COD games. My little brother and a bunch of his friends on Live are saying that they wont buy it becuase Black Ops 1 sucked and they will wait for MW4 - this is coming from people who are die hard COD players.

StanLee1973d ago

Read "Pachter disagrees" and that was enough for me. Pachter is always wrong, so whatever he says, the opposite is probably true.

jimmins1973d ago

Modern Warfare 3 was the worst CoD game since World At War. Black Ops 2 could put Treyarch in front of IW and Sledgehammer.

FarCryLover1821973d ago

I thought World at War was one of the best CoD titles. I also thought Treyarch have been better than IW since 2008.

Hicken1972d ago

I agree with you. I haven't thoroughly enjoyed a CoD SINCE World at War.

FarCryLover1821971d ago

I wish the next Battlefield or COD was World War II. Sure, the timespan was overused last gen, but this gen you can't hardly fine many WWII games.

fastrez1973d ago

it will still sell lots, people follow it religiously.

blodulv1973d ago

It's only being perceived that way because MW3 is garbage. Black Ops 2 will return COD to form.

CanadianTurtle1973d ago

The reason MW3 isn't selling too well anymore is because everyone who wanted the game has already bought it.....what don't people understand?

GraveLord1972d ago

Yup. Trolls also fail to mention that lifetime sales for MW3 are already ahead of Black Ops.

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