CES 2008: Alienware Curved Monitor - Crysis Gameplay Footage, January 10, 2008: "Peripheral vision! This monitor will have everyone salivating."

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lockload3604d ago

Good idea but you can cleary see its just 4 monitors stuck together and even the brightness levels arnt the same on each one the joins stand out a mile

Feihc Retsam3604d ago

It does look a little too "patched" together...

OLED displays will change that though. being a flexible surface, curved monitors are likely to become very prevalent.

ravinash3604d ago

Cool idea.
But yeah, you can see the different screens.
there are even little dark marks going off the edges of each screen in the middle of the picture.

LJWooly3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

The guy playing this sucks.

And yeah, the difference between the screens is obvious. Maybe if they adjusted the brightness to be the same on each one, it wouldn't be so bad.

solar3604d ago

its dlp so to get full brightness you would have to be sitting right in front of it. wonder how much it costs.....

LJWooly3604d ago

No doubt the price of four, seperate 20-inch widescreen monitors, because that is basically what it is. Four monitors stuck together as one big one.

RadientFlux3604d ago

nice but sort of pointless in till more games support the wider resolution

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