Friendzoning and Game Relationships

For every guy that has a “friendzone” story, there’s a girl out there who has a story about “the friend guy.” The friend guy is a guy who pretends to be your friend in the hopes that you will sleep with him. He’s not just a nice guy, or a polite guy, or an actual friend who wouldn’t mind sleeping with you, because I’ve had those as well and none of them are The Friend Guy. TFG is a guy who says things like “you know I’m here for you” when you tell him you had a hard day at work, and it’s not even serious, the printer just jammed it’s not like your mom died but he wants to take you for coffee and “cheer you up” when anybody who actually knew you would know that “a hard day at work” means I’m turning off the lights and hacking / shooting my enemies heads off for at least 3 hours while I imagine that each one is the printer that wronged me. TFG says things like “I know you” when he DOES NOT KNOW YOU AT ALL and probably never will, because whenever you talk to him all you can see in his...

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MySwordIsHeavenly2039d ago

It's well written, but she has a misguided concept of the "friend zone". It does work both ways, but she just doesn't get it.

Did she not watch When Harry Met Sally? I feel like that movie explained the situation pretty well.

Also, if a girl is "friends" with those all-too-forward guys...and never tells them to go away...then it is HER FAULT for being friends with them! Those aren't men. Those are children with erections! Both you and your guy friends need to grow up.

ShabbaRanks2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Aren't all men children with erections ? ...

I havent f***ed in 6 months so maybe its just me :S LOL

Btw its not just her fault its like 80% of womens fault. Sorry girls I don’t want to insult you, but most of the time you are very naïve with men. Maybe its because I’m a guy myself so I know these things, but just from looking at how a guy talks to a girl for less then 5minutes I already know if he just wants to f**k or talk, what ever.

Then the girl is like ah why are all men a**holes ... Yes in most cases we are unfortunately, but there’s a small percentage that isn’t -_-

MySwordIsHeavenly2039d ago

I can agree with that. For the most part, men are immature. We know what we want though.

Smashbro292039d ago

Not a gaming article. Also, stop being a damn tease.