New 3DS firmware goes live

Fairly significant 3DS update adds new functionality to the 3DS Home Menu.

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BubloZX2191d ago

ehh this is still pointless at the moment

Akuma-2191d ago

Sony ps vita gets update with skype while 3ds gets folder options

Sgt_Slaughter2191d ago

And the 3DS gets the ability to have patches for all games on the system... pretty freaking big addition if you ask me.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32191d ago

Let's see if Skype moves numbers for the vita next week, lol.

Hisiru2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

I don't care about smartphone functionalities on my gaming device. It's all about games.

I can easily make calls on my smartphone. Don't you have a smartphone/cellphone, Akuma? You're out of date bro hehehe

I love my vita and my 3ds because of the games, I will use skype (maybe not) on my smartphone.

MmaFan-Qc2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3
is Skype supposed to move "numbers"?

like the 3ds shitty start(even WITHOUT competition), all it take is more games, oh will be soooo mad when peoples will buy it.

oh and btw, 1.9 million is okay for 2 months, that's a nearly a million a month, which means 12 million in a year and consoles usually average between 7 and 15 million in a year.

..not THAT bad when you consider that sony have a major competition against them.

on that, i hate the disgusting 3ds gui, with the ambassador games my menu is a real fugly cluster fvck, i will probably download the half-assed updated on my 3ds(folders and game patching should have been on the 3ds since day one, i mean Cmon Nintendo...get your shit togheter ffs) when i will have a justification to use my 3ds again when Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will be released.

phones or not,
more functions/apps/options=better, you cant argue with that...unless you are really irrational and delusional.

butthurted kids hitting "Disagree" in 3..2..1...

Hisiru2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Let me translate your comment for the other users, please sir:
Blablabla I am a fanboy blablabla yes I love sony bla bla bla 3ds is shit bla bla bla Vita doesn't need games and the problem is the competition bla bla bla I am a fanboy blablabla 3DS is shit bla bla bla I want smartphone functions on the vita that I can have on my phone just because it means more functions bla bla bla, yes I will never use skype on vita but it's very important for a gaming device because making calls is important for gaming bla bla bla.

I just used google translate, and I think it worked fine.

I love my vita just like I love my 3DS, but skype is useless for a gaming device, patches (for the games) are MUCH more important because you don't buy a vita in order to make calls, you probably have a smartphone already. Vita will probably have some significant updates for gaming, of course, but skype? errr.

Intentions2191d ago


Your logic is flawed.

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BubloZX2190d ago

shoulda been more specific lol. The folder thing is pretty pointless. The 3ds has a very decent interface that organizes apps fairly well. No need for folders. And for those who say skype isn't needed for a gaming device you all need to chill. Sony had already stated that they where trying to be more social and provide a hardcore gaming experience with vita. I wouldn't have used a Quad core CPU and Quad core GPU with 600+mb with 3G of ram if I wasn't going to add more functionality outside of gaming. A cheaper dual core would have been much cheaper and with a smaller OS then the PS3 all that RAM wasn't even necessary. Sony (I Hope) is thinking long term about the Vita and the handheld market. with Phones getting more and more powerful its only a matter of time before Apple or somebody gets smart and decides to make a phone or a tablet with actual phsyical buttons with a gamecard format. I used Skype last night and I must say it was actually pretty darn good. It finally gave a purpose to that front facing camera that almost never gets used. 3DS should try and get skype or something too because it would really make the 3DS more appealing to more non gamers. But I still love my 3ds though. I want more features other then this. I mean how often does Nintendo need to patch their games anyway? They make very solid games that hardly need fixing.

Intentions2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Doesn't seem significant to me. But then again I don't have a 3DS so my opinion is invalid.

Hopefully other people will find it useful.

360GamerFG2191d ago

Agreed, your opinion is invalid.

AWBrawler2191d ago

Will make things easier for me to find

TheDivine2191d ago

This is HUGE for me at least. I have so many different games and apps that it takes a couple screens. I like the layout but have been waiting for folders so i can name them stuff and tidy up my screen. The patching and dlc will be huge leap for nintendo for sure. Their games are ususally the most polished and content rich games (the only games that dont need dlc or patches) but it will be great for 3rd parties and games like kid icarus that have a big mp base. I hope we get a cross game chat function seing as chat works well with the mic for the upcoming diablo type game, that would be a big thing also. The 3ds is on fire lately, if they keep the stream of killer titles coming i dont see it losing steam anytime soon.

EcoSos32191d ago

Good now Mario kart can have that path :)

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