Shocking Introduction: A look at the first 20 minutes of The Walking Dead []

From "Below you will find the first 20 minutes of the game, which realistically feels like you are playing a cartoon. While I can see fans of the series wanting something more, this is a very accessible way to get the series out there and so far, I think it is done well. "

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edwineverready2062d ago

So it's a point and click game? YESSSSSS I am buying it.

MySwordIsHeavenly2062d ago

It's more of a mixture of point and click...and Heavy Rain. I highly recommend it, actually. :)

edwineverready2062d ago

Thanks love point and click and heavy rain so win win :)

CanadianTurtle2062d ago

I thought this was going to be a co op left 4 dead-like game? Oh well, I might as well pick up Heavy Rain or L.A.Noire than this.