Microsoft's Penello on 360 Exclusives, Live Problems, Blu-ray, Competition & More

There to show off the console was the garrulous and affable Penello, who is best known for spearheading the backwards compatibility updates which allow over 450 orginal Xbox games to be played on the Xbox 360. As the revelations--or lack thereof--made in Bill Gates' final CES keynote still reverberated in the industry's ears, GameSpot caught up with Penello to get his take on the latest 360 developments.

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MK_Red3994d ago

They should be really offering more than a "selected free game" as apology for Live's downtime.

Sez 3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

why.i mean out of the five years live has been out. this is the only problem they are having. seriously people are [email protected] and moaning for nothing. i love playing on live just as much as the next 360 owner. but because the service is down.doesn't stop me from playing the other great games that are on the system. get a life people,go out side, better yet get a girl.
sorry man. i wasn't getting at you.nor was i saying you are attacking the 360. you are probably one of the most unbias person on this site.and i respect some of your input on certain topics. but i am talking about people complaining about alittle down time. i don't have a problem with it.because i have other great titles to enjoy. but what gets me is these people crying like it's the end of the world.and sonyfanboy who don't use the service posting nonsense.

MK_Red3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

I'm not attacking 360 or it's games. I have a 360 and love it's games like BioShock and ME. Nobody's saying that this is a huge disaster or a big letdown or something. It's a subscription based service and since people pay money for it, in these situations companies try their best to repay consumers or make them forget.
Also, what does this have to do with having a life?

EDIT: @ vega75
Uh, I see your point.

Marceles3994d ago

"Nobody's saying that this is a huge disaster or a big letdown or something"

Yeah they are :( They = media

MK_Red3993d ago

vega75, thanks for the kind words and explaining. Some indeed are acting as if the 360 is doomed or something. As Marceles media is indeed the one to blame for making it sound apocalyptic... and fanboys.

wageslave3993d ago

Wow, MK_Red, YOU submitted this article, how can you be so clueless?

From the article:

" It's my understanding that the system was simply overloaded. More people were logging in, signing up, and playing online than we expected. I mean we had 1 million more people than we anticipated sign up over the holidays--that's a lot of people. But the fact is that it was never really down. There were some intermittent problems, but it was never totally down, really. This sort of thing just shows you how hard something like Xbox Live is to do."

So, what do we learn?

The service was *NEVER* "down". The word "down" has meaning in the Technology world, so if you want to use it, understand that you are using it A) either incorrectly or B) intentionally trying to spread FUD.

So, which is it?

For all the rest of the Sonyfanboys here, re-read this part very clearly (you too MK_Red):

"There were some intermittent problems, but it was never totally down, really"

Get it?

"There were some intermittent problems, but it was never totally down, really"

So, there were intermittent problems and of limited scope -- for instance, *I* nor anyone I know had any problems whatsoever. Including my nephew who setup his new account on the 25th and played all through without fail.

Get it?

"There were some intermittent problems, but it was never totally down, really"

So, quit with the FUD.

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mikeslemonade3994d ago

Saying 360 is main system to play games on is short sighted. What about DMC4 and Burnout Paradise? And when Home is out there's going to be games that support that and things that you cannot do on XBL.

RIPHDDVD3994d ago

he works for Microsoft. do you expect him to say anything that makes sense?

mighty_douche3993d ago

I really hate PR people... Phil Harrison is just about the only guy i dont wanna punch in the face.

Maddens Raiders3993d ago

he's just pissed because they got Yoda and he has to upgrade to Blu-ray eventually. That sux.

Monchichi0253993d ago

I would put Phil Harrison first in line of all the people I would want to punch in the face. Pow!!!! Right in the kisser!

MK_Red3993d ago

Agreed on Phil. He is really a gentleman and a really friendly person. My boss had an interview with him and found him one of the nicest guys in the industry.

As for other officials, I also liked Peter Moore when he was with Sega and later MS but now that he's with EA, I'm not so sure.

titntin3993d ago

Have to agree. I've never got on with marketing, but I've met Phil Harrison several times, and well before he rose to his current 'lofty position'. He was a nice a bloke and genuinely commited to games.

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Maddens Raiders3993d ago

"AP: Well we all play games here, so we know how this works. There's exclusives, which is one way you differentiate between the consoles. You say, I want to play Halo, so I'm going to get a 360. You say, I want to play Gran Turismo, so I'm going to get a PlayStation. However, the bulk of your purchases are going to be cross-platform titles, your Maddens, your Call of Duty 4s, etc. And I think that's were I think we excel. I mean you look at Metacritic, and the Xbox [360] games review higher." -- Um not for long AP. How are MGS4, FFXIII, GT5, KZII, LBP, Heavy Rain, Eight Days, Motorstorm 2, R:ROM, GOW3, etc, etc.... how the hell are these NOT the bulk of my purchases? You can keep all of that crappy port junk.

----------------------------- ----------------

"Well, I think if you really go and look at what's happening, the answer isn't standalone players. The PlayStation 3 thing is a red herring because we all know that, as a game's library expands and gets more diverse, people are going to be spending more times playing games on their consoles and less watching movies. So no Blu-ray looks better on PlayStation because their games library isn't that strong."

This dude is so high on crystal meth that I feel bad for him. Are you totally serious AP? A red herring? LOL there's only one thing that lights up red related to this conversation joker -- let's not go there. Gamespot let this guy squirm, but never hit him with hard folllow up questions demanding clarification. Smell the fear?

wageslave3993d ago

I think his point is pretty clear. That movies-on-disc means jack Video Game Console market.

get it now?

Says you3993d ago

works only has 3 more attach rates to go and thats not far off; big whoopdi doo you would think it would be much higher like (I don't know 10) but its not the attatch rates are going to be higher for the companie that actually has a working console for a system that sold a million the one that doesn't work, doesn't look very impressive infact I don't think even the developers themselves are impressed with such a low rate.

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