Crytek defends Crysis spec requirements

Crytek's boss has defended its hardware-hungry FPS Crysis, saying he believes the studio struck a good balance between performance and spec requirements.

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MK_Red3966d ago

The thing I want them to defend is their early word that Crysis couldn't be done on consoles. Yes, they did say they can port but the truth is that even the full game would have been possible on consoles. Just look at Uncharted, a PS3 game it console's first year, a time that usually brings the first gen of each consoles games that don't look even near what it's capable of.
If 360 could handle BioShock and PS3 had Uncharted along with COD4 for both, they both could obviously run Crysis in it's full glory with enough time and effort.

Genki3966d ago

you mean 600p Call of Duty? Haven't played Bioshock, but the same Uncharted in which Drake clips through 99% of all the foliage in the game? Same game in which said foliage is static and doesn't react to any movement at all whatsoever? Same Uncharted with level sizes that pale in comparison to Crysis? Same Uncharted with um...ZERO physics and ZERO environmental destruction? Come ON NOW.

I love Uncharted. I own it, it's beautiful, has a great story, likable characters, and is poised to be one of the PS3s flagships...but it on a technical level, it doesn't hold a CANDLE to Crysis, brother. You can barely get away with arguing over stills...but once things get moving, it's a night and day difference.

Everything moves in Crysis...everything is movable in Crysis, there's exponentially more shrubbery and objects within Crysis, and all of it is reactive.

Uncharted, while arguably the best looking console game to date, is static as hell. I need not go on any further.

Believe me, as a PS3 owner, nothing would please me more than to see something like Crysis be achieved on the PS3. If you can prove it be my guest, but Uncharted, and especially not a 600p multi platform shooter(that's RIDDLED with problems, by the way) is not the best way to go about pitching a case for such.

For as great looking as it is, Uncharted has MANY a technical hurdle to overcome before it can be put in the same ring as Crysis. See my opening statements for all the evidence you need.

MK_Red3966d ago

Of course I didn't mean that Uncharted or COD4 are near Crysis. Read all of my comment and you see I said games like Uncharted and COD4 in FIRST year of a consoles life (PS3). Do you remember first gen PSone, PS2 or Xbox games? They all look terrible for their own consoles compared to a bit later games. Now look at Resistance and Ratchet TOD. Both PS3 games from Insomniac. How much graphical improvement can be seen from Resi to Ratchet? A LOT. Same goes for 360's Perfect Dark and 1 year later, Gears of War.
When PS3 can have something as stunning as Uncharted in 1st year, of course it can go beyond Crysis in coming years which I believe GT5 has already done and became the first photorealistic game ever.

Genki3966d ago

but I still have my doubts.

Hey, like I said though, nothing would please me more than such a revelation, so bring it on I say.

As of right now, I'm just a tad bit skeptical, but if it happens...I won't cry foul.

actas1233966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

If you have two choices to make something, an easy one, and a hard one (given that they both accomplish the same thing)... Which one would u choose? I believe most ppl would choose the easy way right, and there is nothing wrong about that.. Its actually the one and only smart choice... and u say what does that have to do with this story.. I say, Crytek obviously picked the hard choice, why? because they were not smart enough to see the easy one.. They simply did a horrible job writing the code for the game...

sagapo3966d ago

There is only one way to compare the power between the PC and console. We should look at console games when they peak at the possibilities of the hardware and then compare them to PC games from years the console was released in.
Nowadays PC games are released with the hardware available in the present day, but consolegames don't. developers need to learn how to work on the hardware.
e.g. xbox360 has 3 cores. at launch, i don't believe the dualcore was released yet but still. Take a game that would FULLY use the power of the Xbox, a PC would have a very hard time running that same game!

BrianC62343966d ago

This is why I'm done with PC gaming. I don't want to keep upgrading my PC every year to get the best graphics. Make this game for the PS3 and it will be as good if not better.

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Korosuke3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

"...our primary goal is to always make the best possible games, first and foremost"

I'll follow you.
recently, there is no PC oriented game but ones ported from xbox and this ported type of games don't have any differen between xbox versions and PC versions.
I think it is one of the reasons that users turned their back on PC gaming.

va_bank3966d ago

the other reasons being is that I don't want to spend $400 on the latest and greatest videocard every 6 motnths and a new $4000 "gaming" PC every year. And after having done that, the game still wouldn't be working, because, "Oh well, you need to clean up your registry, roll back the drivers, but not too far just to two versions ago, not three, reconfigure your video settings and change your system language to Korean. When you're all done, just sit patiently and wait for a patch, because we forgot to include support for your video card."

"S.T.A.L.K.E.R." was the last PC game I played, after that I just had it. That's why it pisses me off when games like Assassin's Crap come out, where you need to wait for a patch just to play it.

DaEnforcer3966d ago

Crytek said they can make a game on consoles that looks like Crysis, consoles just doesn't have enough Ram to handle Crysis's huge levels etc. but the graphics can be made. They are probably already working on a game which looks like Crysis.

Gorgon3966d ago

Last time I saw Oblivion´d HUGE level ran pretty well on the 360 and PS3, so don´t give that crap, Crytek. Stop making retarded PR for kids.

kishan4203966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

let me think....
previously it when ps2 and xbox were launched it took pc 3 and half year to overtake consoles
but now its first year of consoles and they
blown out of water
if u think logically
this gen of consoles cant handle crysis
as for crysis the game is great
hats off to the developer

Poisen3966d ago

There is no point making an excellent game if most people are unable to play it. Graphics are not everything!
Make the graphics "good" but not superb...That way a lot more people will buy the game.
In a year make a game with the graphics like Crysis...move with the publics budget I say.

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