Soul Calibur IV: Creepily Over-sexualized Female Characters

From GameSpy:
"The amount of detail on the characters, from Taki's oni-headed shoulder pads to the motion of Yoshimitsu's knotted belt, was astonishing to see in motion. Not just in motion, but in very smooth framerates as well. But we'll take this moment to mention that Taki's DoA-style transformation is just as poorly done as it seemed during E3: absurdly massive breasts moving with absurdly exaggerated physics seemed a bit much for a Soulcalibur title.

It's still too early to call Soulcalibur IV; the team certainly has plenty of time to work on it. How well the single-player, character creation, and online systems will work are all open questions. But after our brief time with the game at CES, playing with a meager three fighters and two stages, we can't wait for more. "

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MK_Red3992d ago

I've got to admit that Ivy looks too creepy with her new costume and look and too bizarre. And indeed it's not really suitable for a legendary fighting series to become this much sexualized. That's more suitable for DOA: Xtreme games.

lonestarmt3992d ago

well soul calibur as always been sexualized. I mean look at taki and ivy. When I was younger the main reason why i even played soul edge and soul calibur to begin with was because it sexualized, then I saw how deep and fun it was. Thats one thing that I liked about soul cailbur it was sexualized but had a great gameplay unlike DOA and rumble roses. ( although DOA is really fun). I don't have a problem with them doing that. I think its cool actually, haha, but I don't want it in every game. As long as every game isn't doing it, or that is the main reason to buying it, then I don't have a problem with it.

Mwaan3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

The female characters have always been over-sexualized. Being a gamer, I'm sure you're used to this stuff by now.

MK_Red3992d ago

I know previous games were also sexualized but NOT this much. I mean, Ivy looks freaky now and seriously, sexualizing seems to be a main theme here while in previous SC games, it was had a really small role. In most fighting games there is a hugely sexualized character. MK, SF and SC all had theirs but SC4 is overdoing it IMO.

Krazy Ken Kutaragi3992d ago ShowReplies(2)
MK_Red3992d ago

They say it's more like SC2 but I personally enjoyed the part 3 more. Hopefully the game ends up as great and classic and the legendary Soul Calibur 1.

OpiZA3992d ago

Looks gorgeous. But yeh, tone done the 'ol breastasis

mighty_douche3992d ago

the way developers show females in their games is sooo wrong. Would you like all the males to have a visable 2 foot slooooong under their trousers or hanging out the bottom of their shorts. i know that would put me off.

InMyOpinion3992d ago

Exactly my thought. It's immature and ridicolous with the oversized jelly breasts. It just encourages me not to take the female characters serious.

Bouncing d!cks on/off lol!

Keowrath3992d ago

Ahhhh you just explained why Ryu in SF IV has the Viagra power up, They're trying to cash in from the female Gamers too. Good ol' CHA-CHING $$$ Capcom!

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