IGN - Linear Games and the Art of Control

IGN - At some point in the past 10 years, the term "linear" became profane in gaming culture. The advent of the open-world genre changed what games allowed us to do. For some, this branching evolution became the only acceptable standard, the lowest-level expectation; without such freedoms, games with guidance felt restrictive. It's an understandable frustration. When a game forces your hand, you wind up walking a predictable path where you're at the mercy of an author's intent. Whether it applies to an unchanging story or one-route gameplay, there's an attached stigma to the sight or sound of "linear game," and it's often misleading.

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basilezz30302155d ago

well i enjoy
both linear and open world games
you can't have every game to be open world
because it will not be story driven as linear games

and you can't have every game to be linear
because you would love to explore and have multi choices

so you can't have one and not the other
both are awesome in their own ways

i'm not the only one who enjoy both i ??

sorry for my bad English it's not my 1st language