Black Ops 2 Countdown - 2nd Image Revealed

The next image on the Call of Duty 9 countdown has been revealed. It says TACITUS, formatted in the same way as FPSRussia's shirt during his Quadrotor Prototype video. What could it mean?

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NastyLeftHook02189d ago

tacitus? a russian tactical phrase

JTrotter902189d ago

Tacitus was a Roman imperial historian, author of the Annals and famous for his devastating anti-totalitarian critique.

R8342189d ago

True, but FPSRussia has said on his Twitter that it isn't to do with the historian, so I really don't know.

shackdaddy2189d ago

It means to be silent or to be secret in latin which goes with the whole "Black Ops" theme.

WeskerChildReborned2189d ago

I love how they are trying to tease us when we know it's gonna be Black Ops 2.

dazzrazz2189d ago

FPS Russia sold his ass to Activision, oh by the way that video was so CGI

grahf2189d ago

Where have you been? He has always had strong ties with Activision & the Call of Duty brand.

wAnxTa2189d ago

I can see my future in these pictures.