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Will KH3 be on the PS3 or PS4? - Kingdom Hearts Union

GamingUnion: "Another four weeks have passed which means only one thing: a new episode of Kingdom Hearts Union is here! This week, join in with Branden, Churro, and Jackie as they jump into the KH world. They start off going through the news (yes, there is actually news!) with the sales figures for KH3D in Japan, a game breaking glitch, and the release dates for North America and Europe. After the news, they move into the Burning Question section." (Kingdom Hearts 3, Next-Gen, PS3)

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Arnagrim  +   942d ago
My understanding is that the main Kingdom Hearts team is still working on VersusXIII, so KH3 wouldn't have even begun development. I doubt we'll see a console Kingdom Hearts this gen.
zeal0us  +   942d ago
I would say PS4, I wouldn't get my hopes up for the PS3 given how long it is taking develop FF games this gen. You will see more spin-offs of KH and maybe some ports before KH3 comes out.
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NeXXXuS  +   942d ago
At least we know Final Fantasy Versus XIII is exclusive and it's being worked on. Hopefully Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the last. There have been WAY too many spin-offs.
Awesome_Gamer  +   942d ago
Probably PS4 since the main KH team is working ffXiiversus right now
Eamon  +   942d ago
The question is when will the PS4 even be released. Sony did intend for the PS3 to last a decade. The PS3 launched in 2006. That's still 4 years to go. It's likely KH3 will be out by then or at least nearly completed.
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   942d ago
I'm pretty sure Nomura said the next game he is working on after Versus is KH3. And he also said the next KH game will be the last for the Xehanort saga. And I think he hinted at TWEWY 2, so I doubt there's gonna be any more handheld games (I have trouble calling them spinoffs since they're actually really important to the overall plot).
vsr  +   941d ago
Sony released the PS3 too early when the PS2 ruled the roost. I think this time they will not do that mistake. So Probably KH 3 will be on PS3
Lucretia  +   942d ago
Im guessing maybe KH3 could be at the end of ps3's life, mainly because they can just use the Versus engine. but who knows
Eamon  +   942d ago
True. Versus' gameplay is very similar to Kingdom Hearts so the engine would fit comfortably with KH3.
Unlimax  +   942d ago
Kingdom hearts 10th anniversary means KH3 Announced in this Gen .. Just like RE6 and the 15th anniversary .
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Unlimax  +   941d ago
What the F is wrong with people , i'm getting disagree's just for "Expect" !!؟
Lucretia  +   941d ago
Lol Unlimax. Expect only one thing on n4g.

People have nothing better to do than hit disagree and take bubbles.

nothing is better to them so much so infact that they rather do that than play the game or console they so enjoy to defend or obsess over
gtxgamer2  +   942d ago
just wondering, how do we know that it'll be exclusive to playstation?
kreate  +   942d ago
We dont. But we assume it'll be on playstation becuz thats where the most fans are. We're not sure if it'll be on a xbox though cuz it was historically never on a xbox.

Logical way of doing business is to release a hd collection of kh1-2 and release 3.
torchic  +   942d ago
and after Versus XIII you gotta believe that Square will get Nomura and a few others from the Kingdom Hearts team and, of course the rest of the Square Enix 1st Production Team (who themselves are working on Final Fantasy X HD) to begin work on Final Fantasy XV with that shiny new engine.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a long way off I honestly think. It's definitely coming, but it's far away.
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Blaze929  +   942d ago
man, i really don't understand how they can make their fanbase wait so long for a sequel. I was in elementary school playing Kingdom Hearts when it came out - i don't expect to be 30 still waiting on KH3
showtimefolks  +   941d ago
you know what i don't think we will see it on ps3 unless its been in development for a while now, I think next gen consoles is a safe bet.

Until than how about atleast making a HD collection and not just the ps2 games include some side entries from handheld consoles but even if we an just KH 1-2 in a HD collection i would buy it
Moncole  +   942d ago
Probably be a multiplatform with the Wii U and PS3 or Wii U and PS4. Seeing how Kingdom Hearts games are coming on Nintedno products.
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user5467007  +   942d ago
If the rumors are true...and I said IF they are true, and the Wii U isn't as powerful as the PS4 then I wouldn't want to see KH3 dumbed down because another console can't take it.

After how long fans have been waiting we deserve the best looking KH game they can make.

It still bugs me why they have them on Nintendo handhelds. hell even on mobiles, it makes it way too confusing having the preques and spinoffs scattered around on differen't platforms. Not everyone is made of money, hopefully they'll do a HD collection before KH3 comes out weith all the spin offs included, I mean they should do especialy if KH Dream Drop Distance ending leads onto KH3. When Chain of Memories did that for KH2 many people didn't have a clue what was going on...it was a tad unfair.
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NeXXXuS  +   942d ago
I wouldn't think so as much. Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 for the main story line of the franchise has been on PS2. The spin-offs have been on Gameboy Advance, DS, and PSP as well so I doubt the full blown game for Kingdom Hearts 3 would make it to the Nintendo Console.
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trenso1  +   942d ago
i wouldnt exactly count KH:BBS as a spin off its story is as important KH2
Shadonic  +   942d ago
multiplatform and next gen on ps3 wii and 360.
gtxgamer2  +   942d ago
next gen on ps3 wii and 360? you do know thats current gen right
Shadonic  +   942d ago
lol i just noticed that lmao
no_more_heroes  +   942d ago
If its PS4 then I'm gonna have to wait another 6 years...

Fine, I've done 6 years already, what's another 6?

Skywalker123  +   942d ago
3ds if it continues to be the number 1 system in japan
NastyLeftHook0  +   942d ago
you never know.
jc48573  +   942d ago
to be honest, Square enix hasn't really made any progress. I can only think of a few titles on top of my head that were developed in house. This goes for most Japanese companies.
I also don't like the fact that they're putting all the energy to fix FFXIV.
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Dno  +   942d ago
you should play it its good and the fanbase love that they are working on it.
jc48573  +   942d ago
not a big fan of the MMO and I do not support monthly fees.
NastyLeftHook0  +   942d ago
wow 2 disagrees for stating "you never know" wow
CaptainN  +   942d ago
Honestly, I believe its going to be on Wii-U......if its exclusive that's another story. KH3D leads into part 3 so it only makes sense to keep in on a Nintendo platform now. It did start off on Playstation consoles but lately it seems SE is focusing on Nintendo again. Nintendo now has Dragon Quest back with 9 on the DS and 10 on both Wii and Wii-U. The next FF is rumoured to be multi platform including Wii-U. So it really doesn't seem like SE would put it just on a Playstation platform. And I highly doubt it would be on PS3 at all. The system is coming to the end of its lifecycle. If it stays on PS, it will go on PS4. But this is all just speculation on my part.
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jc48573  +   942d ago
I'm not too sure about that. 1 and 2 are still on the ps2 and it's a dick move if they made it exclusive to the Wii-U.
trenso1  +   942d ago
um CoM was originally on a nintendo platform and was remade for ps2 so because KH3d is on a nintendo platform doesnt mean that it has to be on the wii-U
CaptainN  +   942d ago
I never said it had to be on Nintendo I said it would be logical at this standpoint. So many disagrees even though I stated it was my opinion. It would benefit Nintendo more anyway as a Wii-U exclusive then it would being on the PS brand. Honestly it should have came out on Wii years ago....that would have turned some heads. Many Sony fans don't want it to leave the PS platform but I just think its going to happen.
n4gisatroll  +   942d ago

Those disagrees, are other peoples opinions too.
BlackPrince 42  +   942d ago
Dear JRPG fans, Square hates you.

That's why they won't give you the Kingdom Hearts game you want, the FF7 remake, or FF13VS. You see, Square doesn't want to make video games, they want to make long melodramatic CG anime cutscenes. But nobody likes those for movies, so they shoehorn in gameplay and sell it to videogame consumers who, being younger and less discriminatory, will put up with more BS than if they were just watching a movie.

Except you've aged since FF7 and are less amicable to putting up with Square's bull, so you're not buying their games. And they hate you for that and are punishing you by mercilessly teasing you with projects you'll never see.

arbitor365  +   942d ago
i dont know why you got so many disagrees. this comment is spot on. square doesnt give a fuck about its fanbase
BlackPrince 42  +   942d ago
They really don't.

Their push to make new JRPG brands work on Xbox was admirable, but a total failure. Mostly due to middling quality games.

They ignored where their fanbase was on consoles. Square was profoundly foolish on that front because the primary players of JRPG's are the Japanese, and the vast majority of Japanese own Wiis and PlayStations. To say nothing of how things worked out in the West, what with slow PS3 sales and virtual indifference by Xbox owners.

And all the while their hardcore fans were , and still are, beating down their doors trying to give them money for games Square just refuses to make.

Then when they do get around to doing something people want, it takes years and ends up being a mess, like FF13.

I don't even like FF style JRPG's but I feel sorry for the Square loyalists. They've been eating crow all generation and want to see just one game from Square worth giving a damn about before the current gen ends.
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Summons75  +   942d ago
I would would guess ps4, which could also make for a good system seller if they manage to get it exclusive. Have Vs13 the last hoorah for this gen and KH3 to kick off next gen
Creative-Enigma  +   942d ago
It will be for next gen Playstation while Versus XIII releases on Playstation 3 and I hate to say it we may have to wait longer for Kingdom Hearts III but there might be another handheld spinoff, which could be for Playstation Vita because of the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix which points to a sequel.


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josephayal  +   942d ago
WII U Exclusive
NastyLeftHook0  +   942d ago
wow a disagree for asking why i got a disagree?

edit:i guess i do stuntman
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stuntman_mike  +   942d ago
you got a few disagree fairy's following you they latch on to folk sometimes they will dissapear in time lol.

I should know ive had a few in my time.
pwnmaster3000  +   942d ago
Stop yo b*tching.
Then they will stop
Lazyeye79  +   942d ago
I am starting to doubt that it will ever come out.
JasonXS12  +   942d ago
I'd rather the game stay on a PS console because I'm used the control but on PS3 or PS4, who cares. I just want the game
Marugo  +   942d ago
if ever comes out, itll be a multiplatform or wii u only.
adamant715  +   942d ago
Honestly, at this point I'm long done with KH. It's been too long
jmobley  +   942d ago
so it's not going to be on the PS2? (sarcasm)
arbitor365  +   942d ago
I wish square enix would have warned me after KH2. couldnt they have added a message like

"the kingdom hearts franchise will be skipping a console generation, because we want to milk it with pointless side games on handhelds, instead. dont worry. we will continue to ignore your input and requests for the next decade"

at least be up front about it
Valorous_Entity  +   942d ago
The least they could do is put Birth By Sleep on the Playstation Network while we keep waiting for for the next half a decade for KH3. The fact the Versus XIII is still nowhere to be seen is not a good sign.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   942d ago
They can put it on PS3 and PS4 if it takes that long since it problly will.To fill the gap I want A KHFM:HD collection. KH1,KH2, And KH:RECOM as collection 1. KH:BBSFM,KH:REcodded, and KH:358/2 days as collection 2. Remaster the DS games and make them look like they were ment for consoles.ITs a smart move on Squares part. For ppl saying Kingdom hearts on handhelds are spin offs they are not only one that I consider a Spin off is RE:coded
Drummerdude41  +   942d ago
honestly i just want KH3 Announced and a trailer. At this point ps3 vs ps4 doesnt matter to me.
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Genecalypse  +   942d ago
I think the question should be will there ever be a KH3 in the first place?
TeflonHahn  +   942d ago
Tetsuya Nomura has stated that KH3 will remain a sony exclusive if the sales for versus are strong enough.
NBT91  +   942d ago
the only reason it is taking so long is because of FFV13. What even that game?!

But guys, it only takes them about two years to release a KH game from announcement to international release... Thats not bad really. And yes they did make spin offs but what would you expect? Let the series die because of FFV13... That would have been a lot worse IMO both from a business perspective and from a KH fan perspective.

Release date of KH2 - September 29, 2006
Over those (just less than) six years, they have made KH2FM+ with additional content
358/2 Days
Birth By sleep (and the final mix version)
re Coded
Dream Drop Distance

And apparently there are HD upgrades of KH1 & 2 on the way as well. So they have been doing well, its just that people are blind and only see KH3 as relevant despite all of the games being well received thus far and progressing the story pretty well.
Son_Lee  +   941d ago
I just don't want people who haven't played the handheld releases to be completely lost in the story whenever KH3 does happen.
TheColbertinator  +   941d ago
I just want Kingdom Hearts 3 on any system.I don't care which system it releases on.
-Gespenst-  +   941d ago
Well I only just picked up most of the KH games so I can wait.
Canvas Of Flesh  +   941d ago
I'm not sure it really matters. Kingdom Hearts lost any sort of relevancy to me a good 4 years ago or so.
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