Destructoid- Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Review

Destructoid- If you're looking to buy Mortal Kombat for new game prices and you have to choose between the standard edition and the Komplete Edition, then the choice is clear. If you've already got the game, or are looking to grab it at price more in line with current industry standards, you'd be better served by waiting for the Komplete Edition to drop to at least $40. This is a superb game in a mildly disappointing new package.

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Snookies122186d ago

Haha, I'm just wondering when "Ultimate Mortal Kombat" will be coming out. XD


still waiting on the Super Ultimate Shits and Giggles Mortal Kombat U Mad Bro? Championship tournament Gold Edition

Snookies122186d ago

Nah, that's Capcom's fighting games lol! :D

NastyLeftHook02186d ago

this game is way better than a 7/10. its arguably the top 3 best fighting games ever made.

TheBlackSmoke2186d ago

Yeahhh man, fatality's are so coool bro.

Skateboard2186d ago

Nahhh man, you actually get content from this fighting game.

TheModernKamikaze2186d ago

It might only have four characters more but least is cheaper.