Eurogamer PAIN Review

A lot of pain happens to other people in the PlayStation Network game named PAIN. You were probably expecting that. It's been available in the US since late November, but should be launching in Europe and Asia in early 2008.

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SL1M DADDY3991d ago

I loved the movie Nerds in Paradise. That part of the game made me snicker quite a bit. lol

titntin3991d ago

Still waiting for this in the UK! It does look fun:)

mighty_douche3991d ago

they should run the UK store along side the US as we wont have the language problems the rest of Europe will.

Ace-Jury3991d ago

i having quite a bit of fun with it although i'd like to find hints and tips to accompany it.

worth the money however

rayc00133991d ago

i got the game but all i can play is the tutorial its has a lock on the multiplayer and the single player game cant figure it out

Godoftheweek3991d ago

What is it that you dont get about the single player? Post here and I will answer that question and any others that you may have.
I play this game with my 5yr old son on a regular basis and when friends come over. It gets really fun with alcohol. As does the bowling game. Did the EU get the bowling game yet? That one is a MUST buy. Much deeper gameplay and skill is involved than the Wee Bowling game.

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