Nintendo America Registers Six Domain Names

News has surfaced that Nintendo America has registered six domain names.

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Burning_Finger1828d ago

Super Mario Galaxy XXL
Super Mario Galaxy Zombie
Super Mario Galaxy Bro's
Super Mario Galaxy Plumber in Time
Super Mario Galaxy OMG
Super Mario Galaxy Miyamoto's Adventure

lionelglitchy1828d ago

maybe they are halo1,2,3,4,odst,reach in eight years or uncharted 1,2,3,vita in 4 years

SpiralTear1828d ago

You do realize that "Plumber in Time" is the best subtitle you could give any game ever, right?

Make it happen, Nintendo.

SilentNegotiator1828d ago

This clog is so horrible.....I must traverse time to stop this s*** from ever being taken!!

[Dramatic close-up face]

mike1up1828d ago

Well it's official, Fire Emblem Awakening must be coming to the US. Better late than never, I suppose.

Jirachi1827d ago

Ok three of these domains i are easy to figure out what they're for but the rest i have no clue.