UT3: PSU Review - 'single player campaign feels very redundant'

Beginning with what is ultimately the lowest point of the game, the single player campaign feels very redundant. Instead of a linear, point to point style mission system, UT3 opts to take you directly to each new battleground for a single round mission which is little more than a single player quick match against bots. These rounds are loosely tied together around a series of spoken dialogue explaining the importance of capturing certain flags or defending specific territories.

Although the game lacks real depth and the sense of emotional attachment, it looks fantastic. It runs at 720p at a very steady frame rate and is home to some of the best looking textures on any game out there. Part of this being attributed to the fact that it is running on an engine that is named after the game itself. Unreal also boasts some of the craziest sound effects out there, with intense explosions and fighting that will make your speakers proud. This is one of the best looking games to hit the PS3 and definitely shows what the system is made of.

Unreal Tournament III is the first game in the series to hit next-generation consoles, released on PS3 and PC in late 2007, with an Xbox 360 version trailing into mid-2008, and for the first time, user created mods and maps are available on a home console.

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Lucreto3964d ago

This is why I like RPGs the most the single player is the most important part.

I hate developers focusing on the online aspect over the single player experience. MGS4 as least give you a basic online package and they will improve it later and focus on the single player.

I wish other developed would to that.

Real Gambler3964d ago

As far as I'm concerned, it's the game that made online shooter so popular. Spent sooooo many hours playing Unreal, and some of the other versions, and I never had any thoughts about anything else than jumping online and fragging people.

So the way I see it now, it's just a way to get used to the different maps and weapons before you jump online. Quick and dirty. It's not like I will spend hours and hours playing alone when the goal of the game is to play online.

And the mods is what's so great about the game. It keeps going and going, and going. Not the single player experience.

BrianC62343964d ago

This is really lame. Sure single player is important too but UT games are about online play. I bet 99% of people who buy the game don't care if single player is redundant. I hate when reviewers talk about how Ratchet & Clank Future isn't as good as it could be because of no online play and I hate when they blast an online game because of something like this. Review games for what they're meant to be, not what you want them to be.

Eldyraen3964d ago

To be honest, I was disappointed in its Campaign. Months back there was a preview in a respectable magazine that made it sound very promising and then you find out its little more than bot matches with a cutscene/audio at start of each 'level' that loosly ties it all together. Granted you don't really buy Unreal games for singleplayer if you're even half way familiar with them but it was still a bit of a let down.

Everything else about the game is exactly what I expected and definately lived up to my expectations.

moujahed3964d ago

If you purchased this game for...'s Single Player Mode.
2. For a Story
3. The thought of this game having a very cool story mode.

Kill Yourself. Right now, go grab your 360 and hold the heated portion to your wrist you dumbf*ck. You just grew dumber.

mesh13964d ago

nah ur wrong gears looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better and is a much better game ut3 looks rushed the grapics dont work its liek saints row(ut3 and grand theft auto(gears of war) saints row grapics dont work withthe gameplay and looks subpar and unpolished just telling the truth

ravinash3964d ago

Everyone knows this game was made for Multi player, I don't know why people make such a fuss about the single player game as it is basically there to train the users and familiarise them with the maps.
Maybe if the single player portion wasn't there, the game might have scored higher because it is what it is...but no one should blame Epic for trying to put more content into the game.

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