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Final Score: 8.9

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Brian52473993d ago


Who is paying these guys off?

brooklyn1273993d ago

how the hell does halo 3 gets a 9.5 with 640p graphics lame story and nothing different as far as gameplay from halo 2 in terms of gameplay all the true halo fans say so.But ut3 which is a way better multiplayer experience,and free user created maps with endless possibilities gets a 8.9 while many other sites have rated 9 or better.This is a site paid off by microsoft like egm and, they dont even turn on the rgb full range when doing ps3 and xbox 360 comparisons.whats next they are going to give mgs4 a rating of 8.5 because it's not on xbox360.I own both systems the ps3 is better they dont buy out game sites.

Violater3992d ago

Both Great Games, both good scores.

UT3 Mod installation for the new comers

See you in my crosshair online
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lawman11083992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

Grow up. I bought this for the PS3 2 days ago and have not even put it in yet. Uncharted was wayyyyyyyy over rated, a 6 hour game with no on line at all is NOT worth $60 bucks...sorry I beat that game in 2 days and it was off to Ebay with it. Uncharted is A RENT. If you tell people to spend more then $40 bucks for that game you are just trying to rip them off.

Blackmoses3992d ago

WTF are you gonna do online with UNCHARTED? Are you serious??!!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...(although I do believe UNCHARTED is better than you say it is) but I'm just curious as to what kind of online mode you would have incooporated for that title.

Not every game has to have some kind of online component in order for it to be taken seriously or for it to even legitimize a $60 price tag!!! I mean if we left it up to you, we'd have all kinds of online multiplayer options for games that really were not well thought out or best suited for each game type.

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Vip3r3992d ago

UT3 should be at least a 9 for the K&B and mod support.

Jamaicangmr3992d ago

I agree UT3 deserves atleast a 9. givin it an 8.9 just seems like tryin unmind its quality.

DrWan3992d ago

They will say oh single player is good and such, but online sucks. then give it a 8.5.

If they were to keep the online pack OUT OF THE BOX, they will give it a 9. It's really stupid, because BIoshock had NO ONLINE and it gets good score and when developer tries to put something extra content in then they give out crap scores.

Gamesites needs to learn how to score properly, if they are going to complain about online, do it to all games, if they are going to complain about offline, do it to all games (as they have done and murdered calling all cars)

Afterburn3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

I'm a dedicated PS3 owner and I've probably played this game for a total of 2 hours.
Lousy lobby, no party system, poor communications with fellow players, no buddy list. Mostly I don't like the weapons.
Just an opinion, so relax with the defense.

Edit* @ Brooklyn - I'm not trying to take anything away from the people that really enjoy this game, so calm down. I agree the maps and mods are a fantastic touch and very creative. I also think we're entitled to a game that provides some basic functionality right out of the box. Patches / add ons are always appreciated. It would rate higher if these were included in the first place. Again, it's only my opinion and you're entitled to yours as well.

brooklyn1273992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

it can be fixed and will be fixed with a downloadable patch to enhance options, and fix certain bugs. it's epic decision of how soon they will release the you can relax and be a little more patient.on the upside download the action cam,and a few of the 15 free user created deathmatch maps they are don't have to pay for them that must be worth something?

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