Ninja Gaiden 2 Gameplay Feature - "roundhouse kick enemy heads clean off"

Gameplayer has gone live with a Ninja Gaiden II feature based on some time in front of this highly anticipated Xbox 360 release. They describe how the new features play, and declare that it could be the goriest game of all time.

"it's faster, it's flashier, and it features more flying limbs than an aerobics class in a leper colony."

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Shaka2K63843d ago

Hell it doesnt even support 1080p.

Krazy Ken Kutaragi3842d ago

I can smell the tears rolling down your cheek.

Ninja Gaiden 2 is exclusive to the most powerful console.

Shadow Flare3842d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 isn't exclusive to the ps3 Ken, its on the 360

MrWonderful3842d ago

WTF thats copyright infringement on my signature move. ill see these [email protected]@rds in court

mikeslemonade3842d ago

Krazy Ken is refering to the 360. Most of the users here who sport the executive is usually against that person and the company.

Ninja Gaiden is overhyped and I know there are reviewers who will give this like 9.5 even if it doesn't deserve it. Reviewers like James Milke and Ryan Odonllel from 1up.

Legend3842d ago

^ Mike, sour grapes and lemonade don't go well together.

Ninja Gaiden on the XBOX revolutionized the action genre by incorporating a fighting game engine into traditional hack and slash. Just because you can't beat it doesn't make it overrated.

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ichimaru3843d ago

what's that, oh press *show* to read the comment of the idiot with one bubble.

Chad Warden3843d ago

Ninja Gaiden Sigma was a port from a last gen game and it still looks better than this crap. The only thing they did was add more blood.

Ninja Gayden 2 = Trash.

Tecmo doesn't know how to develop stories. They treat Ninja Gaiden games like your typical fighting game. All fight, no story.

I sold Sigma but I'll admit NG2 looks like crap in comparison to it.

mesh13842d ago

ahaha if ur the real chad which i knwo ur not u must be pissed that ur that ugly in real lie wonder why u spend ur life on the net uu look like shrek p.s ng2 makes sigma look like a beta version dont worry it will sell millions unlike sigma

bootsielon3842d ago

Chad Warden is an ugly f*ck.

That doesn't mean you aren't a moron too, because you are.

GITPWNED3842d ago

lmao. this wannabe Chad douchebag is just a waste of skin. uglyass mexican skin.

NG2 > any game on PS3. owned.

doomsonyman3843d ago

we all know ninja giden 2 will suck ass! the question is how much ass will it suck. this game will be a real hit with the ladys

SpaceCowgirl3842d ago

So you are playing as Chuck Norris in Ninja Gaiden 2?

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