It's Too Soon for a PlayStation Vita Price Cut

Sony is in a less-than-desirable position right now, as outlined in a recent New York Times piece. Vita not exploding out of the gate is relatively low on the list of problems for the company, which hasn't turned a profit in years. But with new president and CEO Kaz Hirai recently pronouncing gaming as one of the pillars upon which Sony will turn things around, bigger things have to be expected from Vita. A middling success (if it can be called that) is not enough.

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Akuma-2191d ago

The vita doesn't need a price drop. It's well worth the price it cost now. The vita is selling fine now and sales will pick up as new quality games are released throughout the year

sknygy2191d ago

I don't think it need's a price cut, but it needs some games to make the purchase worthwhile. If I bought one today I honestly couldn't name a game except Uncharted and Army Corps from Hell (Pikmin/LKS fan!) that I would want.
Sales in Japan are concerning, this past week they dropped to their lowest at 8k, 3DS never went that low!

gaffyh2191d ago

Army corps of hell sucks tbh, best games available are the download-only titles and Rayman, Uncharted and wipeout

Lucretia2191d ago

what does it matter the 3ds's sales werent that low. that only happened because of the price drop. there were no games on that console until like 2 months ago, basically a year later.

the vita isnt even half a year old

KongRudi2190d ago

Don't listen to gaffyh.
Army Corps of Hell is awesome, I don't know how it stack up to Pikmin tough, since I've never played that, but I'm at more than 10 hours of ACoH, and isn't even half done.
I were abit worried when I saw the trailer and imagined playing with the hardrock-music, all the time, but Vita has this nice custom music ability. :)

gaffyh2188d ago

@KongRudi - Trust me, it's nowhere near as good as Pikmin, and no where near as big as Overlord. It is a very basic game.

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Unexpecta2191d ago

Agree to the maximum.

If Vita needs anything, it's love. Because a lot of people are missing out on the satisfaction of owning one.

DeleteThisxx2191d ago

I own one. Although I see the potential, I've yet to be satisfied and I own about 5 games for it. I'm not losing hope though because it took many months for me to truly love and enjoy my 3DS. The Vita's time will come too.

Pixel_Enemy2191d ago

Yeah the price is fine it is the amount of games that is the issue. Once we get Gravity Rush, Resistance, Killzone and a COD this thing will sell like crazy. I am patiently waiting for more games to play on mine. I can't wait for E3 because I know it will be all about the vita.

Bimkoblerutso2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

It doesn't really matter if the price is worth it or not. I don't think anyone is accusing the price of being unreasonable for what you get. It's just a lot of money to shell out for a handheld gaming device.

It's a premium price tag in a relatively weak market right now.

DeleteThisxx2191d ago

Are you referring to the video game market? Because that is flourishing, currently surpassing movies as the number 1 form of entertainment. I'd hardly say that's weak.

If you meant to say in a weak economy, than I agree.

Bimkoblerutso2191d ago

^Well, the economy AND the video game market:

In general, just about everything is hurting right now.

DigitalAnalog2191d ago

So far only Uncharted: GA is doing all the work in western territories. Wip3out does follow a strong suit but we need to get games like Gravity Rush and other unique quality titles to push the system further.

A price-cut would kill the Vita as SONY is barely making a profit with the current price. Blame Nintendo for over-pricing it's hardware from the start creating a false sense of "value" when the price-cut merely cut the bonus of what the system is worth. This is not the same case for the Vita.

That and the mandatory use of the memory-sticks will turn off some potential customers.

a_bro2191d ago

no need for a price cut. i think the perfect time to do it would be in the fall/winter of this year though.

it just needs games right now.

the biggest problem that i think most would agree though is the cost of those memory cards, they're just a bit too expensive.

Yangus2191d ago

Need many AAA games.....and maybe!!little price cut.

metsgaming2191d ago

Absolutely no point in cutting the price any time soon. If they did they would
A - lose money
B - still wont catch nintendo (for the people who care all about sales)
c - cant keep up with a price war with nintendo because the vita costs more

make the price way below cost is done to become a loss leader they cant do that in this case they would just have a loss, no way they could catch a year ahead 3ds that is way cheaper to make.

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